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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

BeepLine - Baby Blue (2019)

BeepLine - Baby Blue (April 27, 2019) 
Live at McGilverys Pub, Speedway Indiana 

Mark Moran:  lead guitar 
Phil Kaiser:  rhythm guitar, vocals 
Jim Sanders:  bass, vocals 
Steve Brunner:  drums 
The Late Show (1985) 

Mark Moran:  guitar, vocals 
Phil Kaiser:  guitar, vocals 
Dion Wickliffe:  drums, vocals 
Scott Fletcher:  bass, vocals 
The Late Show (1980) 

Mark Moran:  lead guitar, vocals 
Don Main:  lead vocals, bass 
Rick Clayton:  lead vocals, guitar 
Chris Pyle:  drums 


Germán Llanos - Without You / Baby Blue (2019)

Germán Llanos - Without You (2019) 

Germán Llanos - Baby Blue (2019) 

Germán Llanos - Reencuentro (2016) original 



Badfinger 1991 Japan Tour goods

Badfinger 1991 Japan Tour 
Press Conference at HMV Shibuya, Tokyo (February 9, 1991) 
Badfinger 1991 Japan tour flyer
Joey Molland 
(l to r)  A.J. Nicholas (b), John Richardson (d), Mike Lichey (g) 
Joey's Badfinger (Feb 9, 1991)
Q: The album covers, is there any special stories about them you can tell? 
Joey: The Wish You Were Here cover, we're all dressed in sailor suits. The idea was, we were away in a forein country, in a night club and we were enjoying ourselves. We all got drunk, is what we did. Tommy's actually passing out, Pete actually did pass out right after the photo was taken. We went out afterwards, Mike and I, and Tommy, when he woke up. We went into bars and pretended to be sailors. People actually thought we were sailors, and were buying us drinks! They thought we were the good boys from the Armed Services. 
Joey's Badfinger (Feb 9, 1991) 42 a
Joey's Badfinger (Feb 9, 1991) 42 b
Joey's Badfinger (Feb 9, 1991) 41a
1991 Japan Tour Book 
Badfinger 1991 Japan tour book Joey Molland
Badfinger 1991 Japan tour book d
Badfinger 1991 Japan tour book e
Badfinger 1991 Japan tour book f
1991 Japan Tour T-shirt 
T-shirt Japan Tour 1991
Backstage Pass 
Badfinger 1991 Japan Access All Areas pass
Badfinger 1991 Crew Backstage pass
Badfinger 1991 Guest pass Feb 11
 [Magazine] rockin' on (Mar 1991) / Badfinger interview - Joey Molland (Jan 1991) 
 ギター・マガジン Guitar magazine #149 (May 1991) 

バッドフィンガー通信25号 1991-03-01

バッドフィンガー通信26号 1991-04-01

バッドフィンガー通信30号 1991-08-01


[Newspaper] Courier-Post (July 22, 2007)

Courier-Post   [Camden, New Jersey] 
Courier-Post (July 22, 2007) 
Badfinger's survivor on tragedy 
Courier-Post (July 22, 2007)


[Newspaper] Courier-Post (April 26, 1989)

Courier-Post   [Camden, New Jersey] 
Courier-Post (April 26, 1989) 
Badfinger struggles to recover success  by Lee Moore 
Courier-Post (April 26, 1989) p41
Courier-Post (April 26, 1989) p42
Badfinger performs the unreleased song "Call Me" at The Sunset Grill in Tulsa, OK (July 17, 1989). 
The band was Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins, Randy Anderson, and A.J. Nicholas

A.J. Nicholas, Joey, ?, Vicki, Randy Anderson and Mike (August 8, 1989) 
Badfinger Rock n' Roll Cafe '89 Vicki Abelson Badfinger


[Newspaper] Courier-Post (January 16, 1998)

Courier-Post   [Camden, New Jersey] 
Courier-Post (January 16, 1998) 
The return of Badfinger  by Lee Moore 
Courier-Post (Jan 16, 1998) 1e
Courier-Post (Jan 16, 1998) 4e

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