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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

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Dyna Records (Philippines)

Dyna Records or Dyna Music is the "first independent record and music entertainment company" in the Philippines. 
日本で言えば 東芝EMI みたいに、フィリピンで Apple のレコードを発売していた。 
The Iveys / Badfinger のシングル発売の種類は世界一? (日本は2番かな?) 
002 Maybe Tomorrow / And Her Daddy's a Millionair
013 Come and Get It / Rock of All Ages
016 Midnight Sun / Walk In the Rain

023 No Matter What / Carry On Till Tomorrow
025 Without You / We're for the Dark

026 Love Me Do / Believe Me
この時点での記事 (Billboard, September 4, 1971) 
Billboard 19710904 Dyna
032 Day After Day / Sweet Tuesday Morning
034 Name of the Game / Perfection

035 I'd Die Babe / Flying

036 Take It All / Baby Blue

040 Apple of My Eye / When I Say
Dyna's Dynamic Ten  DDT-411 (Feb 1970  promo) 
   Side:1-2.  9) Come and Get It - Badfinger 
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411 b
Dynamic Ten Dyna DDT 411 r
SAPCOR 16  No Dice 
No Dice Parlophone Dyna


New Years Eve Pop and Blues Party 1968

New Years Eve Pop and Blues Party 1968 (Alexandra Palace, London)
Steve Marriott officially quit the band Small Faces at the end of 1968, walking off stage during a live New Year's Eve gig yelling "I quit". Drummer Kenney Jones recalled, “Halfway through the set, [Marriott] just threw his guitar down and walked off, leaving us like three lemons.” 
Concert Program 
New Years Eve Pop and Blues Party 1968 Concert Program
The Iveys didn't perform due to the show running late. 
New Year's Eve Pop and Blues Party 1968 Concert Program i
New Year's Eve Pop and Blues Party 1968 Concert Program Iveys


Test Pressing

Wall's Ice Cream (CT.1) 
Wall's Ice Cream

Come and Get It (1815) 
TP Come and Get It 1815

Day After Day (1841) 
TP Day After Day 1841

Baby Blue (1844) 
TP Baby Blue 1844
TP Flying 1844

Straight Up (SAPCOR 19) 
TP Straight Up SAPCOR 19 Germany

Ass (SW-3411) 
TP Ass SW-3411

Apple of My Eye (EAR-10547) 
TP Apple of My Eye EAR-10547

Airwaves (6E-175) 
TP Airwaves 6E-175


Rock Greats (amazon uk)

Rock Greats

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Everyday I Have To Cry - Badfinger
  2. How Many Birds - Badfinger
  3. Second Hand People - Badfinger
  4. Wine And Women - Badfinger
  5. I Am The World - Badfinger
  6. I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men - Badfinger
  7. Spicks And Specks - Badfinger
  8. Three Kisses Of Love - Badfinger
  9. You Wouldn t Know - Badfinger
  10. Claustrophobia - Badfinger
  11. Glasshouse
  12. Monday s Rain
  13. Take Hold Of That Star
  14. To Be Or Not To Be
  15. Could It Be I m In Love
  16. How Love Was True
  17. I Don t Think It s Funny
  18. Playdown
  19. The Battle Of The Blue And Grey
  20. Turn Around And Look At Me

Disc: 2

  1. Come And Get It - The Bee Gees
  2. Baby Blue - The Bee Gees
  3. No Matter What - The Bee Gees
  4. Day After Day - The Bee Gees
  5. Love Is Gonna Come At Last - The Bee Gees
  6. Suitcase - The Bee Gees
  7. I Don t Mind - The Bee Gees
  8. Sweet Tuesday Morning - The Bee Gees
  9. Without You - The Bee Gees
  10. Midnight Caller - The Bee Gees

Rock Greats back

Badfinger and Bee Gees Rock Greats Double CD

[eBay] 1972 Badfinger AUTOGRAPHED album book page

1972 RARE Badfinger SIGNED/AUTOGRAPHED album book page - Tom Evans/Pete Ham/more
February 1972

SUPER RARE autographs of Badfinger, obtained in person in Los Angeles in 1972. Group included Tom Evans (deceased 1983), Pete Ham (deceased 1975), Mike Gibbins (deceased 2005), and Joey Molland, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday this month.

The group played a series of concerts at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and many record people were there, including my uncle's station, who was playing "Day After Day' in heavy rotation at the time. He said the band was ready for a huge breakout, and destined for greatness. Unfortunately, their demons took the best of them, as two of the bandmates took their own lives within the next decade.

"Baby Blue" was a favorite of mine that they sang, and these beautiful autographs, signed in ballpoint pen, are on a baby blue page. Quite simply, your friends will cr*p themselves when they see these. Photos not included in auction, just the autographs themselves (sorry!). My daughter is heading off to college, and need to pay some university expenses, and reluctantly letting this treasure go.

This is from our private collection, personally received by family, no COA (please don't ask) - have had this in our collection for MANY decades, and as this is a personal item, there are NO returns - those in the know will realize the true value, and you'll be very happy with your new items. Please only bid if you are a serious bidder - your bid is binding, and I want to make sure this goes to a wonderful home, with a responsible bidder - I'll make sure I start the bidding at a reasonable amount, as I know everyone is looking for a great value. And, absolutely, I will make sure it is WELL packaged, hence the shipping charge. Best of luck!


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