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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13) (2017/06/12終了)

Pearl & the Oysters - Flying (Sep 15, 2017)

Pearl & the Oysters - Flying (Tom Evans - Joey Molland) 
   Juliette Pearl Davis: lead vocals and trumpet. 
   Joachim Polack: keys, guitar, bass, percussion, dr programming, backing vocals and fx. 

Juliette Davis and Joachim Polack
Originally from Paris, Juliette Davis and Joachim Polack met as teenagers and studied musicology together at university, where they fell in love with the bossa nova music of Brazil in the 1960s. Polack relocated to Florida for more school, and Davis soon followed. There, in the vibrant artist community of Gainesville, they began recording and performing pop songs inspired by their early, fantasy-like visions of The Sunshine State. The resulting album, as Pearl & The Oysters, is a charming and carefree collection which brings to mind the brightest sides of Stereolab and Broadcast. It sees release through art collective and cooperatively run label, Elestial Sound. 
Pearl & the Oysters / Pearl & the Oysters 
All tracks are written and composed by Pearl & The Oysters
except "Flying" (Tom Evans, Joey Molland) 
2017/09/15   DL   Elestial Sound:     8. Flying 
Available for download, or on cassette (100 copies only)  Artwork by Evan Galbicka (cassette) 
2017/09/15   cass   Elestial Sound:     Side:B-2. Flying 
Pearl & the Oysters cass
Pearl & the Oysters t
Pearl & the Oysters test cass

and vinyl (200 copies only Limited Edition LP)  Artwork by Manon David (vinyl) 
2017/09/15   LP   Croque Macadam:     Side:2-2. Flying 
Pearl & the Oysters - Pearl & the Oysters


Will Badfinger be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Badfinger Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Linus of Hollywood Japan Tour 2017

Linus of Hollywood Japan Tour 2017 

Linus of Hollywood Japan Tour 2017 en
Linus of Hollywood Japan Tour 2017
2017/09/07 出演 @風知空知 
 7 2017
Opening the show was Hideki Kurosawa who played beautifully, and he later joined me at the end of the set for a rendition of Badfinger’s “Come And Get It”, (a staple of my “Melody and Madness Tour” with David Myhr a few years back.) 
Linus of Hollywood and David Myhr - Come and Get It (2015) 


Tiny Tim - Without You (1993)

Tiny Tim:   Herbert Buckingham Khaury (April 12, 1932 - November 30, 1996) 

Tiny's unreleased and unfinished 1993 album "Tiny Tim's Pop Album" 

The album was produced by Martin Sharp. Some of these tracks later appeared on rarities albums, but a couple have never been released in any form. 
Tiny Tim / Stardust  (All tracks previously unreleased) 
Original Sessions Produced by Martin Sharp for Street Of Dreams Pty Ltd./Musical Direction by Nathan Waks/Original Sessions Recorded, Mixed and Studio Direction by Tom "Mix" Kazas, Assisted by Phil Monroe/Original Artwork by Martin Sharp/Original Photo by Robert McFarlane (Page 3) and Satoshi Kinoshita (Page 4)/CD Project Co-ordinated by Satoshi Kinoshita/Digital Editing and Remastering by The Glimmer Triplets, 2006/CD Researched, Compiled and Sequenced by Satoshi Kinoshita/CD Design Concept and Packaging by Mojo Associates for Fine Art/Producer Assisted by Dave Rowe and Wendy Evans. 
2006/12/22   CD   Zero Communications:TTST 12063     20. Without You 
Tiny Tim - Stardust
Tiny Tim - Stardust obi back
Tiny Tim - Stardust obi


Dan Orr Project with Joey Molland (Sep 10, 2017)

Dan Orr Project with Joey Molland and Columbus Musicians finale (September 10, 2017) 

The Ballroom Breakout! Concert for Mike Parks (September 10, 2017) 
Joey Molland September 10, 2017 ad
Join The Dan Orr Project as we once again play with Badfinger's Joey Molland, and multiple other Columbus bands and artists play to celebrate the life of local musician Mike Parks who is battling stage 4 cancer. Free, Donations Accepted. Music starts at 14:00.  
Joey Molland (Badfinger) w/ The Dan Orr Project  17:45 - 18:30 
Joey Molland September 10, 2017


R.E.M. - No Matter What (2002)

R.E.M. - No Matter What 

R.E.M. / 2002 Holiday Single 
2002/12   CD multimedia   R.E.M. Fan Club:REM2002
1. No Matter What   2. Jesus Christ   3. Selected works of Martin Luther King Jr. (enhanced video) 
REM ad
REM bc
REM 2002x
REM 2002

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