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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

[Rocksmith 2014] Badfinger - Baby Blue

Badfinger - Baby Blue  - E Standard - Lead/Rhythm/Bass 
RELEASE DATE: 2018-06-05 
SIZE: 4.39 MB 
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Rocksmith 2014 Edition 
Rocksmith Badfinger - Baby Blue
Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Lead) 

Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Bass) 

Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Lead/Rhythm/Bass) 


 [Rock Band 3] Badfinger - Baby Blue 

Tom Evans

きょうは 一番好きな音楽の人 の誕生日です 
Tom 009b


RuKuS - No Matter What

a band I used 2 be in called RuKuS. We did Classic Rock covers. 
Kirk Bentley (vocals)
Phillip McGrath (lead guitar)
Richie Altman (bass)
Frank Salemo (drums)
and me Dana Wilburn (rhythm guitar) 


Badfinger - Day After Day 7" Singles in Apple Records Box (APPLE 1841)

Badfinger 1971 Day After Day 7" Singles In Apple Records Box APPLE 1841 (USA) 
Price:GBP 300.00 Buy It Now 
box of 25 original USA Day After Day 7 inch

box of 25 original USA Day After Day 7 inch r
A complete box of 25 original USA Day After Day 7 inch singles by Badfinger on the Apple label. The records come in their original Apple mailing box in which they were sent out to the record stores. The front of the box is printed with the Apple logo on a green background. The words ‘Apple Records Inc, 3117 San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, Calif. 90065 Special Fourth Class Rate – Sound Recordings’ are printed on the green background. The records come in the standard USA black Apple sleeves. All of the records in the box are mint and unplayed. The sleeves are unused and the conditions vary between very good plus and near mint. The condition of the box is excellent. 


絶対無 Zettaimu / new Clear( ); (2017)

絶対無 Zettaimu / new Clear( );      6th album 
2017/07/05   CD   Garando:     7. Carry On Till Tomorrow  [Pete Ham & Tom Evans (Badfinger)] 
絶対無 - new Clear( ); d

絶対無 - new Clear( ); b
絶対無 - new Clear( ); a
絶対無 - new Clear( ); c

Hisashi Furue - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pianos, electric bass, keyboards, systhesizer, percussion, etc.,
Michinobu Matsuhashi - drums, background vocals
Mariko - vocals and background vocals
Hiroaki Horiuchi - electric bass, background vocals
​Produced, arranged and engineered by Hisashi Furue
Mixed and mastered by Hisashi Furue at Atelier508 in Tokyo
Except trk.1&7 mixed by Ryo Azuma

Zettaimu releases this album after ten years from the last one.
The leader of the band, Mr.Furue lost his motivation to create music because of his dear sister's death, his dog' death and the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Fortunately some warm musicians and artists helped him complete the songs and finally it was released.
The title "new Clear( );" means creating a new instance by programming language.



 絶対無 Zettaimu - Carry On Till Tomorrow (January 7, 2015) 

Badfinger with Paul McCartney - Rock of All Ages (1969)

Rock of All Ages [Partial] (Apple Acetate - Badfinger with Paul McCartney mono) 


 [Bootleg] Paul & Badfinger - Rock of All Ages (Sep 18, 1969 IBC Studios) 
Badfinger + Paul - Rock of All Ages 1969

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