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[日本語] アンジェラ・アキ Angela Aki - Without You (2010/2012)

アンジェラ・アキ Angela Aki - Without You [Pete Ham - Tom Evan / Japanese Lyrics: アンジェラ・アキ]
2010/04/14   CDS+DVD   Epic:ESCL-3408-3409     Disc:1-3. Without You 3:11   [arrangement: アンジェラ・アキ]
2010/04/14   CDS   Epic:ESCL-3410     3. Without You 3:11   [arrangement: アンジェラ・アキ] 

アンジェラ・アキ - 輝く人 (2010)
2012/01/11   CD+DVD   Epic:ESCL-3818-3819     Disc:1-6. Without You (新録音) 3:15   [arrangement: アンジェラ・アキ, 河野伸]
2012/01/11   CD   Epic:ESCL-3820     Disc:1-6. Without You (新録音) 3:15   [arrangement: アンジェラ・アキ, 河野伸]
アンジェラ・アキ - Songbook (2012)
2011/12/22   NHK出版   アンジェラ・アキのSONGBOOK in English
アンジェラ・アキのSONGBOOK in English (2011)
2012年1月07日-3月24日 NHK (Eテレ土曜 23:00-23:30 再放送:翌週土曜 11:00-11:30)
アンジェラ・アキのホスト番組 「アンジェラ・アキのSONG BOOK in English」 テキスト
ウィズアウト・ユー は、2012年3月17日(前編) と 2012年3月24日(後編) に放送。


Lewis Collins has died aged 67 (November 27, 2013)

the Unofficial Lewis Collins fansite 
Lewis Collins passed away peacefully at home in California on Wednesday (November 27, 2013) surrounded by his family, after a long battle with cancer. 
Lewis Collins
Meanwhile back at 7 Park Avenue, Bill had become involved with a young Welsh group called The Iveys. He was so convinced of their talent that he persuaded them all to leave Swansea and come to London, to live in the house at Golders Green. It was quite a squeeze – the Mojos members had a bedroom each; Bill had his own room which doubled as his office; another room was used as a mini recording studio, and The Kinks' road manager, Dave Duffield, lived there too. So The Iveys set up camp in the living room and from here they began their fateful foray into the music business as Badfinger. Following this experience, both The Mojos and, posthumously, Pete Ham of Badfinger, would later release recordings entitled 7 Park Avenue.
The Professsionals / 特捜班CI-5  (1978-83)
The Professionals 特捜班CI-5
RIP Lewis Collins (May 27, 1946 - November 27, 2013) 

The Mojos (1965) 
Stu James (v,k).  Nicky Crouch (g).  Aynsley Dunbar (d).  Lewis Collins (b)
Comin' On To Cry (1965)

Wait A Minute (1965) 

 Lewis Collins / This Is Your Life (December 8, 1982) 

Liverpool Echo  Mike McCartney's tribute to Wirral-born actor Lewis Collins 

 The Mojos - Seven Park Avenue (1968) 


Jay Schellen (drums) [2nd LP for Radio Records?]

Jay Schellen (d)
Jay Schellen

Jay was invited by Glenn Sherba to come to Los Angeles for an audition and join his band. Jay won that audition and began his first gig, (three hours after arriving in L.A.). 
Tony Kaye (keyboardist for YES) saw Jay perform and asked him to join him with Tommy Evans, Joey Molland, Glenn Sherba in the group BADFINGER. This lineup produced one record for Radio Records, and selected concert performances around the US.
1982/   Radio Records:   Badfinger   "You And I"
Raiding The Rock Vault [Shows nightly at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (the LVH).] (2013)

The lineup of legendary musicians and vocalists for Raiding the Rock Vault consist of Howard Leese [Guitar] (Heart, Bad Company), Tracii Guns [Guitar] (LA Guns, Guns n' Roses), Robin McAuley [Lead Vocals] (MSG, Survivor), John Payne [Lead Vocals and Bass] (Asia), Paul Shortino [Lead Vocals] (Rough Cutt, Quite Riot), Jay Schellen [Drums] (Badfinger, Asia), Andrew Freeman [Lead Vocals and Guitars] (Lynch Mob, The Offspring), and Michael T. Ross [Keyboards] (Lita Ford, Hardline).
ASIA featuring John Payne - Seasons Will Change (2012)
John Payne (lead vocals, bass), Jay Schellen (drums), Erik Norlander (keyboards), Moni Scaria (guitar) and Jeff Kollman (guitar). 


The Lazy Suns - Start All Over (2012)

The Lazy Suns - Start All Over [Jeff Sohn]

The Lazy Suns - EP (2012)

2012/07/10   CD     The Lazy Suns - EP     3. Start All Over
Start All Over って、間奏と最後が No Matter What じゃん。 
このEPの中では 2. Last Train Home [Marc Clayton] が好きだな。

Marc Clayton and the Lazy Suns - Troubled Sea [featured on the Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch"]
Nick Parslow, Jeff Sohn, Larry Winchester, Marc Clayton, Rick Morse
The Lazy Suns


David Booker / I was set for an audition with The Iveys

David Booker / I was Born to do this Left-Handed
Audition for The Iveys
(they told me I had the gig—one more guy to see, it was Joey Molland)
The Iveys were a Liverpool band; their bass player had left when they all decided to come to London to sign with Apple, The Beatles’ label. My audition went well and they said, "You are the only bass player who can sing harmonies. Looks like you got the gig."
They played me a song called Come And Get It—a catchy pop tune.
They said, "We have a guaranteed hit here; we have one more guy to check out." His name happened to be Joey Molland, a McCartney look-alike. So that was that, no gig for yours truly. Within weeks, the record was a huge hit and the band now was known as Badfinger.
David Bowker
当時は David Bowker と名乗っていたみたいです。
Mr. David Booker and the Swingtet - TV Mama (Oct, 2013)

Mr. David Booker and the Swingtet - Rainy Night in Georgia (Nov, 2013)


Holocene - Flying (1994 single/1995 album)

Holocene - Flying [Molland - Evans]
Holocene - Flying (1994)

Holocene / Flying  
1994/   CDS   Concubine:Single 001     1. Flying 2:40

Holocene / Spurr 
1995/   CD   Concubine:Album 003     12. Flying 3:15
Holocene - Spurr (1995)
Kerrie Hickin (b,v)   [Autohaze 1991-92   The Sunset Strip 1989   Ku Klux Frankenstein 1985]
Mick Sim (g,v)    [The Beekeepers 1987-93  The Fate 198*]
Jo-Anne Roberts (g,v)   [Ripe 1991]
Duncan Hamilton (d,v)
Australian Band

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