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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Eduardo Bonfim / Pete Ham - Pete's Walk

Eduardo Bonfim / Pete Ham - Pete's Walk

Eduardo Bonfim  Pete Ham - Pete's Walk
Eduardo Bonfim


Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek / Marvels #4 (1994)

Marvels #4 (April 10, 1994)
     Penciller: Alex Ross
     Writer: Kurt Busiek
Badfinger did show up in "Marvels" #4 on Page 4
Alex Ross is a big Badfinger fan 
NYC Billboards


Rupert's People - Flying High (1967)

Rupert's People - Flying High [Ray Beverley - David Jenkins]
     Dai Jenkins 唯一の作曲作品 2007年まで未発売 
[various artists]  Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's The Rush, Time Machine Man? 
2007/   CD   Rev-Ola:CR REV 217     20. Flying High - Rupert's People 
Psychedelic Jumble Volume One back
Psychedelic Jumble Volume One What's The Rush, Time Machine Man
Rupert's People / 45 Years of Ruperts People and Beyond 
2012/07/23   CD   Angel Air Records:SJPCD 387     10. Flying High 
Rupert's People - 45 Rpm 45 Years of Ruperts People Music (2012)

Rupert's People / Hold On 
2013/06/24   LP   Guerssen:GUESS113     Side:2-2. Flying High 
Rupert's People - Hold On (2013)
Rupert's People - Hold On (2013) back
Rod Lynton - guitar/vocals,
John Tout - keyboards,
Steve Brendell - drums,
Ray Beverley - bass,
Dai Jenkins (formerly of the Iveys) joined on guitar 
Rupert's People - Flying High [1967 Ray Beverley - David Jenkins] 

元 The Iveys の Dai Jenkins が Rupert's People 在籍当時に発売されたのは 下のシングル1枚だけのようです。 
Rupert's People - A Prologue To A Magic World [1967 Rod Lynton - Annette Conder]  A面
Rupert's People - Dream On My Mind [1967 Rod Lynton]  B面 

Mal Evans Produce で2001年まで未発表だった曲 (The Magic World of Ruperts People の bonus EP として発売) 
Rupert's People - Water To A Stone [Rod Lynton - Ray Beverley] 
詳しくはわからないけど Steve Brendell worked for Apple Corps (
Ringo's It Don't Come Easy and a track of Ronnie Spector's) as well as John & Yoko's Yoko Films とか。 他にもメンバーの内3人が John Lennon の Imagine の録音に参加しているみたい。 
Steve Brendell: Crippled Inside / I Don't Want To Be A Soldier 
John Tout: Crippled Inside 
Rod Lynton: How Do You Sleep

 [ミッドナイト・コーラー] ダイ・ジェンキンスとスー・ウイング 


[Ron & Dai] The Boys of Rock and Roll (2013)

Look for our single, "The Boys of Rock and Roll" to be released on May 15th 2013. 
On Behalf of Pete Ham and Tom Evans. 
benefit Suicide Prevention


2013/05/15  The Boys Records:  The Boys of Rock and Roll [Steve Craiter] 5:02 
Dave 'Dai' Jenkins - Lead Guitar
Ron Griffiths - Bass Guitar
Steve Craiter - Drums / Buckup Vocals
Kenny Vrocks - Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Jon Paris - Lead Guitar
Brian Breeze - Lead Guitar
Dave Gasell - Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Mike Sacher - Harmonica
Neville Chesters - MC, Tea & Crumpets
Kevin Barber - Engineer
Lyric sheet of The Boys
The mix on stream is NOT the Stereo Mix that is in the actual .99 cent MP3 download. 
The Boys of Rock & Roll
日本からは ここ  150円  
There is one more track in the can.
'Golders Green Boogie' (featuring Ron Griffiths) is slated for release next.


One''s bad enough. ................Two's too many. 字幕10

One''s bad enough. ................Two's too many.  27:13-29:30 字幕10 
[Narrator]  Meanwhile, Pete's band-mate and best friend Tommy Evans was slowly falling apart. 
[Marianne Evans]  When he died, Tommy didn't have anybody he could talk to, write songs with, his other half was gone so he felt lost and lonely. Many times he said, "I want to be there where he is." Everything went wrong for Tommy as well - tax problems, taxman after him, somebody sued him for five million - so everything just collapsed. 
[Beverley Tucker]  Tom tried really hard after Pete died. He kind of tried to make it better, not just for him but for Pete, but they got set back after set back. 
[Narrator]  Eight years after Pete's death, Tommy also hanged himself. 
[Tag Hall]  I was angry with Tommy when he took his life. Too many people had gone through enough with Peter's death cos you don't tend to bury friends before you're 30. One''s bad enough. ................Two's too many. 
 #coppertone blues 
[Narrator]  It all happened a long time ago but for those who lived through it, the story of Badfinger, the friendships and the music, live on. 
 #no matter what 
[Narrator]  Now, it's time for a new chapter to be written. On the 20th of August, 2013, Petera gave birth to Pete's first grandchild, who she called Luca William Ham. 
 #no matter what 
I've got his music and I'm just very, very proud.   00:00-01:40 字幕00 
[PA]  Today is a really important day for this city. Today is a day we honour one of our sons. 
 #no matter what 
[Narrator]   In April 2013, people from all over the world came to Swansea in South Wales to pay tribute to Pete Ham, an unsung hero of British pop music. 
 #no matter what 
[man]  Today I believe is a long overdue event in Swansea. It's recognising Pete, Pete Ham, and what he did, not only for Swansea but for the music scene in general. 
 #no matter what 
[PA]  When we unveil the plaque, we'll honour Peter, but we put on record that if you are a kid from Swansea, you can still do something amazing and you can change the world! 
[Narrator]  Amongst the guests were Pete's partner Anne and his daughter Petera, who grew up in Glasgow without knowing her father. 
[PA]  This is Peter's daughter, Petera. 
[Ann Herriot]  It is very emotional for me, especially when I hear the Welsh accent. Petera, my daughter, is unveiling the plaque, which is lovely for me, for her to be doing that. 
[Petera Ham-Eddie]  Although I didn't know my dad, I still feel very close to him through all of his music and everything my mum tells me about him. Many people don't get hear things about their father after they go, at least I've got his music and I'm just very, very proud. 
[Narrator]  This is the story of Pete Ham and his band, Badfinger. 


Timeless 字幕09

Timeless  25:22-27:13 字幕09 
Last Words Pete Ham
[Narrator]  It was the last straw for Pete. All he'd ever wanted to be was a musician. Now, he felt that everything he and the band had worked for had come to nothing.  He went to see Tommy. 
[Bob]  They went for a few drinks at the pub, drowned their sorrows a little bit, I guess. Tommy drove Pete back to his house and Pete got out and said, "Don't worry, mate, I've got a plan. I know what to do. I've got a way out this, don't worry. Bye." 
[Bob]  Later on in the morning, there was this panicky phone call from Anne and she spoke to Marianne and Tommy and said, "There's something awful happened, something terrible terrible."   So, Tommy rushed round there and found Peter hanging in the garage. 
[Narrator]  Pete was just 27 years old. He left a suicide note which read, "I will not be allowed to love and trust everybody. This is better. PS, Stan Polley is a soulless bastard. I will take him with me." 
[Narrator]  Anne returned to her home town of Glasgow and five weeks after Pete's death, she gave birth to their daughter who she called Petera. 
[Anne Herriot]  People had said to me after it, "It was terrible what he did, leaving you with the baby." I could never say that. I wish I could but I could never say that about Pete and I know that he wasn't himself when he did that. The doctor had explained to me that his mind had probably just gone. 
[Bob]  I understand that Polley, who had actually taken life insurances out on everyone, was trying to cash in a policy on Pete, you know. Even after this terrible event, he was still trying to make money on it somehow, you know. 

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