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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[T-shirt 02] Loaded (Rock T-shirts & Goods)

Loaded では 2010年2月から売ってるみたいだけど、Light Blue だけもう買えない。 

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Yolanda Marín y Orquesta Sinfónica Teatro Castelar - Without You (2009)

Yolanda Marín y Orquesta Sinfónica Teatro Castelar - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans]
   Octavio J. Peidró, director artístico y titular
   Yolanda Marín, soprano
2009/07/09   Concierto Pop Rock VI Festival Belluga

Concierto Pop Rock VI Festival Belluga 2009


The Brady Bunch - Day After Day (1972)

The Brady Bunch - Day After Day  [P. Ham]
Meet the Brady Bunch LP 1972 r
1972/   LP   Paramount:PAS-6032   Meet the Brady Bunch   Side:1-2.Day After Day
Meet the Brady Bunch LP1972
1996/08/13   CD   MCA:MCAD11457   Meet the Brady Bunch   2.Day After Day   [+2 Bonus Tracks]
Meet the Brady Bunch CD1996
2014/06/18予定   CD   Universal:UICY-15300   Meet the Brady Bunch   2.Day After Day   [+2 Bonus Tracks]
Brady Bunch Barry
Brady Bunch Maureen
Brady Bunch Chris
Brady Bunch Eve
Brady Bunch Mike
Brady Bunch Susan


[POBA] Badfinger / Ham and Evans' Drawings

POBA is the pronounced form of phowa, a Hindi phrase that describes the transformation of consciousness at deathよくわからないけど、顧問に Peter Asher の名前あり
Badfinger / Pete Ham and Tom Evans 
下の方に、Pete と tom の曲と絵のページヘのリンクあり
Clown of the Party   ca. 1969 
Perfection   ca. 1970 
Where Will You Be   
. 1970
Carry On Till Tomorrow   ca. 1969
Without You (If It's Love)   ca. 1969
Without You (I Can't Live)   c.  1969
The Sad Clown (Pete Ham),   1968 
Lyric Sheet "Perfection" (Pete Ham),   1970
Peace Globe (Pete Ham),   Year Unknown
When Life Becomes Old (Pete Ham)
Carry On (Tom Evans),   Year Unknown


Grant & Forsyth - Without You (1991)

Grant & Forsyth - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans]
   ex-Guys 'n' Dolls の Dominic Grant と Julie Forsyth の夫婦デュオ。

1991/07   CD   Dino Music:DNCD 1262   Country Love Songs Vol.2   7.Without You
2 (1991)
1991/07   CD   Dino Music:DNCD 1271   The Love of the Year [various artists]   16.Without You - Grant & Forsyth
1991/   2CD   Dino Music:DNCD 1293   That Lovin' Feeling [various artists]   Disc:2-14.Without You - Grant & Forsyth
Grant & Forsyth - That Lovin' Feeling (1991)
1996/   2CD   Dino Music:DNCD 1510  Hun grootste successen   Disc:2-16.Without You
Grant & Forsyth - Hun grootste successen 1996 back
2004/07/14   3CD   EMI:4735212   The Platinum Country Collection [Country Love Songs Vol.1+2+3]  Disc:2-7.Without You
Grant & Forsyth - The Platinum Country Collection 2004
2012/   CD  Edel:EDL 2677-2   The Best of Country Love Songs   10.Without You
Grant & Forsyth - The Best of Country Love Songs (2012)
Guys 'n' Dolls (1974- 85)
   Paul Griggs (ex-Octopus), Grant & Forsyth, Martine Howard ( -81), David Van Day ( -77), Thereza Bazar ( -77), Rosie Hetherington (81- )
77年までは6人編成。 David Van Day と Thereza Bazar が Dollar として独立。 以後、4人組。
Guys 'n' Dolls - Don't Pull Your Love (1977)

Guys 'n' Dolls 1978
Same Old Way (バラ色のメロディー) を歌い、入賞(4位相当?)。
Guys 'n' Dolls - Same Old Way 1978
Octopus - Rainchild (1970)

Octopus - Thief (1970)

Octopus - The River (1970)

Octopus - Council Plans (1970)

The Cortinas [pre-Octopus] - Phoebe's Flower Shop (1968)


Dean Prescott - Apple of My Eye (1988)

Dean Prescott - Apple of My Eye
Dean Prescott (2000)
1988/02   Cs  Mirror Time Records:SBT-1003   Idols and Sandles   .Apple of My Eye
1988/02   CD  Mirror Time Records:SBD-1003   Idols and Sandles [7 bonus tracks]   .Apple of My Eye
After returning from England in Aug. of 1987, Dean realized he didn't have a drum set, and some of the basic mechanics, to record with. So the only thing to do was to record without, hence the "acoustic, one guitar with over dubs, an occasional percussive instrument album"... 'Idols And Sandles' Released in Feb. of 1988, this album has a variety of Folk, Country, Ballads, Pop and a cover version of Badfinger's 1973 single "Apple of My Eye." Released Feb. 1988 the CD has 7 bonus tracks.
自主制作なんだろうけど、以前は経歴にこの1988年のCDのことを載せていたのに、2000年に本格的にデビュー? 以降はまったく触れなくなってしまった。 当時もジャケットは載ってなかったので見たことない。上のは2000年の別アルバムのジャケットです。 この人、結構好みの曲が多いです。
Dean Prescott - Wallpaper Music (Unplugged)

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