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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow (Pocket Disc)

The Iveys
Apple/Americom:M-301     Maybe Tomorrow [Tom] b/w And Her Daddy's A Millionaire [Tom & Pete]
Iveys Pocket Disc
The Iveys M-301b
Pocket Disc
33 1/3 RPM   3.75 inches flexi   約9.5cm
収録時間3分半程度 (Beatles の Hey Jude は 3:25, Mary Hopkin の Those Were the Days は3:36に編集)
The Beatles - Hey Jude (Pocket Disc 3.25 edit)

49 cents plus tax (or in the vender, 50 cents including tax)
pocket disc cover
Vending Machines
23 inches wide x 10 inches high x 9 inches deep   contains 5 selections in a total quantity of 250 records (多くの店は4台並べて20種類を販売) とか
26 inches wide x 18 inches high x 8 inches deep   contains 10 selections in a total quantity of 600 records (この後、750枚収納になったみたい)
pocket disc vending machine


[Magazine] Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979)

Rolling Stone:   bi-weekly American magazine

Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979)
     Badfinger's return: a long and winding road   by Salley Rayl 
Rolling Stone #293 June 14 1979
Rolling Stone June 14, 1979 Badfinger
cover: Cheap Trick
Rolling Stone #293 June 14 1979 cover
Iowa City Press-Citizen (May 16, 1979)  [Iowa City, Iowa] 
Badfinger's re-formation could be a re-success   by Sally Rayl   地方紙は全部 Sally Rayl 
The San Bernardino County Sun (May 16, 1979)  [San Bernardino, California] 
Badfinger back together with classic British pop   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun (May 18, 1979)  [Jackson, Tennessee] 
Badfinger fights memofies to regroup   by Sally Rayl 
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979)  [Tuscaloosa, Alabama] 
Badfinger strives to revive prowess   by Sally Rayl 
Chillicothe Gazette (May 19, 1979)  [Chillicothe, Ohio] 
Badfinger back together   by Sally Rayl 
Lansing State Journal (May 19, 1979)  [Lansing, Michigan] 
Badfinger booms back   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press (May 20, 1979)  [Asbury Park, New Jersey] 
Badfinger, A Reunion That Can't Fail   by Sally Rayl 
Daily Record (May 20, 1979)  [Morristown, New Jersey] 
Badfinger A Natural For '79 Marketplace   by Sally Rayl 
Press and Sun-Bulletin (May 20, 1979)  [Binghamton, New York] 
Badfinger puts the Beatles behind it   by Sally Rayl 
The Times (May 20, 1979)  [Shreveport, Louisiana] 
Badfinger back again   by Sally Rayl 
Courier express (May 21, 1979)  [Buffalo, New York] 
Thumbs Up! Badfinger Group Back Together   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel (May 23, 1979)  [Orlando, Florida] 
Badfinger reunion produces 'Airwaves'   by Sally Rayl 
Philadelphia Daily News (September 29, 1979)  [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] 
Bad times Are Over for Badfinger   by Sally Rayl 
The Journal News (October 4, 1979)  [White Plains, New York] 
'Badfinger' regroups out of Beatles' shadow   by Sally Rayl 
 [Newspaper] Tuscaloosa News (1979) 


Cry - Baby Blue (1985)

Cry - Baby Blue [Pete Ham]
     Rick Zdinak (v,g), Christopher Zdinak (b),Rae Squilla (g,v), Paul Squilla (d)
Cry - First Tear 1985 r

Cry / First Tear 
1985/   LP   Midnight Angel Records:AM 1202     Side:1-3. Baby Blue
Cry - First Tear 1985
Cry - First Tear 1985 back


[Magazine] Disco 45 (February 1971)

Disco 45:   UK monthly songbook magazine
Disco 45 #4 (February 1971)
Disco 45 #4 Feb 1971
cover: Elton John
Disco 45 #4 Feb 1971 cover


[Newspaper] Pop Music Superhebdo #69 (July 22,1971)

Pop Music Superhebdo:   French weekly music newspaper
Pop Music Superhebdo #69 (July 22,1971)
Badfinger  Les Beatles d'il y a huit ans  by Michèle Elysabeth 
Pop Music Superhebdo #69 22 July 1971
cover: The Who
Pop Music Superhebdo #69 22 juillet 1971 cover


2015 San Diego Beatles Fair (March 28)

2015 San Diego Beatles Fair (March 28)
2015 San Diego Beatles Fair
True Stories to perform at Beatles Fair March 28 with Joey Molland of Badfinger!!
San Diego Beatles Fair 2015
Joey Molland on Badfinger & The Beatles
     The sole surviving member of the English power-pop band recalls John Lennon, George Harrison, his band's tragic fate, and more.
Civic Theater Beatles Fest, Akron Ohio (March 6, 2015)


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