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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Jason Dale Interview with Bob Jackson from Badfinger (Sep 29, 2015)

Jason Dale Interview with Bob Jackson from Badfinger (Sep. 29, 2015)
Jason Dale Radio Show on

Jason Dale Interview with Bob Jackson


Bob Jackson's Badfinger 2015



I'd like to welcome you all to our new Facebook page, as we embark on the Badfinger UK Tour


As fans will know, I have both a musical and an emotional link to Badfinger, so you can imagine how much I'm relishing this opportunity to deliver Badfinger's backlog of classics to the public once again. Myself, Anthony, Ted and Andy are just adding the final touches to the show before rehearsals are up and the tour begins.

Keep your eye on this page for all the latest news and updates. Even better, please come along to a show near you and say hello!

We very much hope to see you all soon.


Thanks for your support!


Bob Jackson's Badfinger 2015
Bob Jackson   Lead Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar
Ted Duggan   Drums   [Bob Jackson's Badfinger 1990s] [Red On Red]
Andy Nixon   LeadGuitar/Vocals
Michael Healy   Bass/Vocals 

Badfinger featuring Bob Jackson
All Stars 60's Tour (Oct-Nov 2015)

[Magazine] Jazz & Pop (February 1971)

Jazz & Pop (February 1971)
George and Pattie visiting Badfinger in their backstage dressing room on the night of their debut at the Ungano Club in New York City.  (November 24, 1970)
Jazz & Pop Feb 1971
cover: Paul Kantner
Jazz & Pop Feb 1971 cover


[Magazine] Acoustic Guitar Magazine (2014)

アコースティック・ギター・マガジン Acoustic Guitar Magazine 2014年12月号 Vol.62 (CD付)
2014.10.27 発売
アコースティック・ギター・マガジン 2014年12月号 Vol 62
■連載セミナー&コラム サウンド・ホール
◎岡崎倫典「Without You」CD連動

岡崎倫典 - Without You (2014)


[RADIO CITY 84.0MH] 岡崎倫典 - Without You (2015)

岡崎倫典 Rynten Okazaki のAcoustic Wind (RADIO CITY 中央FM 84.0MH)
Rynten Okazaki
Ryntenバイエル、今週から Nilsson の「Without You」を取り上げていきます。以前、雑誌「アコースティック・ギター・マガジン」に楽譜を掲載­しましたが、お手元になくともわかりやすい解説を目指していきます。 Tuning:S­tandard/CAPO:2で演奏していきます。ぜひ、チャレンジしてみてください­。
#330 "Without You -01"
#331 "Without You -02"
#332 "Without You -03"
#333 "Without You -04"
#334 "Without You -05"
#335 "Without You -06"
#338 "Without You -07"
#339 "Without You -08"
#342 "Without You -09"
#343 "Without You -10"
#348 "Without You -11"
#349 "Without You -12"
#356 "Without You -13"
#357 "Without You -14"
#358 "Without You 総集編 1"
#359 "Without You 総集編 2"


When British eyes are smiling: Tom Evans, Badfinger

When British eyes are smiling

Tom Badfinger 1970

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