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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Badfinger's last member keeping the music going 40 years on

Badfinger's last member keeping the music going 40 years on 
     by Chris Wood 
BBC News 



Badfinger UK / YouTube channel

Badfinger UK / YouTube channel 
Our YouTube channel is at last now live. To kick off we have the 'behind the scenes' short from last August including a couple of snippets of the 2015 UK Tour. More video to follow! 
Bob Jackson - Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitars 
Andy Nixon - Vocals, Lead Guitar 
Ted Duggan - Drums 
Michael Harty - Vocals, Bass 


Vanelis - Without You (Salsa) (2014)

Vanelis - Without You 
Vanelis / UnCovered 
2014/08/19   CD   Nelis:70358     13. Without You (Salsa) 
Vanelis - UnCovered



フォーリーブス 着信音 Ringtone - Without You (2013)

月末に150円分のクーポンの期限が来ますとアマゾンからメールが来たので150円で1曲、なにかないかと探していたら フォーリーブス 着信音 WITHOUT YOU/フォーリーブス (着信音) 150円 っていうのがあった。 ウィズアウト・ユーを含めてフォーリーブスが発売したオリジナルやカバー曲が全部で108曲も着信音化されてた。 
フォーリーブス 着信音 - Without You (2013) 
2013/10/28   SWEET ROOM:     WITHOUT YOU/フォーリーブス (着信音) 0:29 
フォーリーブス 着信音
30秒のサンプルを聴いてみたら、もともとが29秒なのでそれで全部じゃん。 買うまでもないな。 他の探さなくちゃ。 
 [日本語] フォーリーブス Four Leaves - Without You ウィザウト・ユー (1974) 



1992/01/25   EKPL-0189   Magic Christian Music     ボーナス・トラックなしの14曲 
1992/12/08   EKPL-0283   No Dice     1面に9曲、2面に3曲+ボーナス・トラック5曲 
No Dice LP EKPL-0283 Korea 1993
1993/05/24   EKPL-0302   Straight Up     ボーナス・トラックなしの12曲 
Straight Up LP EKPL-0302 Korea 1993
Straight Up LP EKPL-0302 Korea 1993 r


[TracksAuctions] John Lennon Tittenhurst Park Telephone And Address Book

Beatles and Rock 'n Roll Memorabilia Auction. November 2014 (#2) 24/11/2014 2:00 PM GMT CLOSED! 
Lot 98 John Lennon Tittenhurst Park Telephone and Address Book 
Lot 98 John Lennon Telephone And Address Book
A large hard cover spiral bound telephone and address book which was formerly used in John Lennon’s Tittenhurst Park home. John and Yoko lived at Tittenhurst Park between August 1969 and August 1971. Their home and recording studio became the centre of John and Yoko’s working life. 
Many of the couple’s work-related activities and functions previously carried out at the Apple office in Savile Row were now performed at Tittenhurst Park.
This fascinating book that is alphabetically indexed contains numerous entries some of which are detailed below: 
A) Apple, Les Anthony, Alexis Mardas, AIR Studios, A&M Records, Ardent Studios and Apple Offices.
B) BIBA, Ginger Baker and Badfinger
C) Eric Clapton, Chas Chandler and Petula Clark. 
D) Malcolm Davies. 
E) E.M.I. Studios, Mal Evans, Kenny Everett and Geoff Emerick. 
F) Anthony Fawcett and David Frost. 
H) George Harrison. 
I) Island Studios, I.B.C. Studios. 
K) Allen Klein, Krishna Temple and Alexis Korner. 
L) Donovan Leitch. 
M) Marquee Studios and McCartney Productions. 
O) Setsuko Ono (Yoko’s sister) and Olympic Studios. 
P) John Peel and Mike Pinder. 
R) Rolling Stones Office and Dan Richter. 
S) George Harrison has handwritten an entry that reads ‘Samuelson’s film Rental Eqip, 303 – 305 Crinclewood Broadway, Elware Road. NW2 01-452-0123’, Lord Dave Sutch and Ringo Starr. 
T) Derek Taylor, Trident Studios and Pete Townsend. 
V) Klaus Voorman. 
The book comes from the collection of former E.M.I. Studios and Apple Studios engineer Claude Harper. Claude has added a number of the addresses and telephone numbers into the book. 
It measures 25.5cm x 37.5cm (10 inches x 14.75 inches). The condition of the book is very good. 
Lot closed:23 Nov 2014 14:00 GMT 
Estimate:1,000 GBP - 2,000 GBP 
Winning bid:2,400 GBP 

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