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Hand Painted Picture of Pete Ham

Hand Paintings Kurt Cobain Nirvana Bob Marley Jimi Hendrix Badfinger Original 
Hand Paintings Pete Ham Original

Price: US $100.00 → US $75.00 
Approximately JPY 11,625 → JPY 8,798 
Beautiful hand painted pictures of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Pete Ham (Badfinger) --- members of the 27 club, and Bob Marley 
Done on a medium thick canvas like paper 
These would be beautiful in a man cave, music store, etc... 
One of a kind quality original works 
16x12 inches 


[Songwriter 101] Takes from the Top: Badfinger's No Dice (November 12, 2009)

Takes from the Top: Badfinger's No Dice 
Posted in Songwriter 101 on November 12, 2009 

“Most of the songs were cut live,” says Molland. “We just set up like we were on stage and Geoff just miked us up. Abbey Road had these huge isolation baffles, about eight-feet tall and four-feet wide, with solid-bottom panels and transparent top panels, so we could always see each other. For the most part, the mics were AKGs and Neumanns, and they had plenty of them. Under the stairs that led up to the control room was a cupboard that contained some of the Beatles gear, but we never got into it.” 
No Dice No Matter What UK US GER JPN


[Songwriter 101] Tales from the Top: George Harrison's All Things Must Pass (December 21, 2007)

Tales from the Top: George Harrison's All Things Must Pass 
Posted in Songwriter 101 on December 21, 2007  by Dave Simons 

“The band was set up in the room with no baffling,” recalls Molland, who played a Gibson J-50 acoustic for the occasion. “Clapton sat in the middle, with a Fender Champ and a Leslie speaker nearby. George would come in, and just go around to each of the players one by one and show everybody how the song went. You know, ‘This one’s called “Isn’t It a Pity”,’ and he’d run through the changes on his acoustic. We had to learn everything very quickly, just sort of absorb the general texture of each song. But that’s what he hired us for, really: to lay down this very uniform acoustic backing. Which meant we really had to concentrate on getting our strumming in sync.” 
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass


Badfinger Font

Badfinger Font 
Badfinger Font

[2ちゃんねる] BS洋楽グラフィティー 70's vol.1 再放送 30回目 (2016年1月)

   NHK-BSプレミアム で深夜に不定期に放送されている60分番組。 
   70s のvol.1 に Badfinger の No Matter What が含まれている。 
2012/08/22 02:00-03:00 (初回放送) [Badfinger の No Matter What は、番組開始後45分前後から] 
再放送 30回目 [2016年01月14日(木) 午前03:00-04:00] 
24 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:16.20 ID:LUMy3ZWM

26 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:19.81 ID:F2PhqZ8E

27 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:22.81 ID:xUGlUUnu
    フィンガー5キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!

28 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:29.91 ID:xCgH1cDm

29 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:34.74 ID:XC01leQa

30 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:35.75 ID:dUHlx1Vo

33 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:10.74 ID:7R2VIZCM

34 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:24.80 ID:wcYcSK1+

35 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:28.52 ID:9R+3/H2X
    Without Youを書いたのに全く報われなかったピート・ハム

36 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:47:28.05 ID:xCgH1cDm

37 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:47:38.35 ID:XsdgOkhU


Iveys Tom + Pete Autograph (circa 1969)

Iveys Tom + Pete Autograph (circa 1969) 
Tom + Pete Iveys
Price:GBP 495.00 
その後値下げされ、2016/09/25現在 GBP 250.00 

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