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Hand Painted Picture of Pete Ham

Hand Paintings Kurt Cobain Nirvana Bob Marley Jimi Hendrix Badfinger Original 
Hand Paintings Pete Ham Original

Price: US $100.00 → US $75.00 
Approximately JPY 11,625 → JPY 8,798 
Beautiful hand painted pictures of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Pete Ham (Badfinger) --- members of the 27 club, and Bob Marley 
Done on a medium thick canvas like paper 
These would be beautiful in a man cave, music store, etc... 
One of a kind quality original works 
16x12 inches 


Badfinger Font

Badfinger Font 
Badfinger Font

[2ちゃんねる] BS洋楽グラフィティー 70's vol.1 再放送 30回目 (2016年1月)

   NHK-BSプレミアム で深夜に不定期に放送されている60分番組。 
   70s のvol.1 に Badfinger の No Matter What が含まれている。 
2012/08/22 02:00-03:00 (初回放送) [Badfinger の No Matter What は、番組開始後45分前後から] 
再放送 30回目 [2016年01月14日(木) 午前03:00-04:00] 
24 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:16.20 ID:LUMy3ZWM

26 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:19.81 ID:F2PhqZ8E

27 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:22.81 ID:xUGlUUnu
    フィンガー5キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!

28 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:29.91 ID:xCgH1cDm

29 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:34.74 ID:XC01leQa

30 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:45:35.75 ID:dUHlx1Vo

33 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:10.74 ID:7R2VIZCM

34 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:24.80 ID:wcYcSK1+

35 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:46:28.52 ID:9R+3/H2X
    Without Youを書いたのに全く報われなかったピート・ハム

36 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:47:28.05 ID:xCgH1cDm

37 :衛星放送名無しさん:2016/01/14(木) 03:47:38.35 ID:XsdgOkhU


Iveys Tom + Pete Autograph (circa 1969)

Iveys Tom + Pete Autograph (circa 1969) 
Tom + Pete Iveys
Price:GBP 495.00 
その後値下げされ、2016/09/25現在 GBP 250.00 


[TracksAuctions] Badfinger 1972 No Dice Fully Signed LP

The White Album Auction (2013) (#1) 01/12/2013 5:00 PM GMT CLOSED! 
Lot 111 Badfinger 1972 No Dice Fully Signed LP 
Lot 111 Badfinger No Dice Fully Signed LP
An original USA sleeve from the Badfinger LP ‘No Dice’ that has been signed by the group in a blue pen on the inside gatefold. Mike Gibbins has signed his first name only and added ‘Love’ and ‘x’. Pete Ham has signed his full name and added ‘To Zig Thanks’ above his signature. Tom Evans has signed his full name with no dedications. Joey Molland has signed his first name only and added ‘To Zig lots of love always’ above his signature. 
The signatures come with an letter from the original recipient which reads as follows: 
“I use to work at the Paramount Theater (doing Business as "The Woodrose Ballroom") in the early 70's and in Jan. 1972 I heard that the club had booked Apple Records Band Badfinger to appear on Feb. 3rd. Now on their 3rd US tour. This would have been just four months after their appearance at Ravi Shankar/George Harrison's all star Benefit concert for Bangladesh in NYC which I also attended. My boss at the Woodrose knew I was a massive fan of this band and let me work back stage for this show. I let them in as they arrived with their equipment and roadies at the stage door.  Also I made sure any of there (sic) dressing room requests were in place. I hung out with the band most of all the non performing time. They were such nice guys. As they arrived, I chatted with Pete Ham at length mostly. Also with drummer Mike Gibbons. Tom was friendly but kept mostly to himself. Joey was the diva of the band. I sensed Tom was miffed with Joey about something. All the band members obliged me with nice autographs right after their sound check. They all signed my "No Dice" LP which had just been released 3 months to the day earlier. Badfinger were booked to headline with The Elves then BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive).  BTO didn't show so Badfinger instead opened the show at 7pm, then The Elves performed, (I think the band Pure Prairie League filled in for BTO). and once again Badfinger played closing the show.  All did short sets. I was over the moon to be able to hear and see them, my 2nd most favorite band in the world , perform sound check and 2 live sets as well!!! I watched first show from the balcony (closed to the public) a(sic)taped the show on a small tape recorder in stereo.” 
The sleeve has areas of discolouration and scuffing over all sides.  There is a thin line of discolouration on the right hand side of the inside of the gatefold.  The sleeve has a 14cm (5.5 inch) seam split along the top edge of the right side. Condition is very good minus. 
This lot is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from 
Lot closed:01 Dec 2013 17:00 GMT 
Estimate:200 GBP - 300 GBP 
Winning bid: 1,100 GBP  
Paramount Theatre Feb 3, 1972 reproduction poster

British Invasion Coming to Fredonia University (Oct 23, 2014)

British Invasion Coming to Fredonia University (Oct 23, 2014) 

Come and relive the British Experience as three Rock N’ Roll legends, Denny Laine, Joey Molland and Terry Sylvester speak at the State University of Fredonia. This event is FREE and open to the public.

British Invasion Coming to Fredonia University (Oct 23, 2014)


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