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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance (May 29, 2011)

Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance before KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011) 
Sweet Tuesday Morning 
I wrote this about Kath. When I sing it on stage that's what I think of. I think about Kath. It gives me a smile on stage. 
Jealous Guy 
[recordings with John Lennon] John was there. He sang 'Jealous Guy' to us. I got off my seat and sat down right on the floor in front of him, got my guitar out and learned the song. 
My Babe 
[audition for the Iveys] I sang the Righteous Brothers' song 'My Babe.'  It was a popular song around Liverpool in those days. 
Without You 
It was Bill Collins who suggested we join their two ideas. He wanted us to do a big version. But Pete got mad. He said ''No, we're a rock band.'' He was serious about being a rock band, so they argued about it. 

Cheap Trick with Joey Molland - Magical Mystery Tour (KQRS Rock Stock, May 29, 2011) 

KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011)



[Book] Michael Snow / Mersey Me! A Liverpool Lad On The Loose In The Swingin' 60s (2012)

Michael Snow / Mersey Me! A Liverpool Lad On The Loose In The Swingin' 60s (June 24, 2012) 
Michael Snow - Mersey Me! (2012)

Badfinger ‎- Piano Red 

Tommy and Mike were getting pissed off, quite justifiably in my opinion, at having this stranger trying to get them to play a style for which they had no affinity at all, but Pete Ham wanted to get it, so I found myself recording the bass and guitar parts, at the insistence of him and Bill Collins. .... so I overdubbed the parts as expediently as possible and got out of there. 


Alex Radeff - I Got You / Alex Radeff and Donkey - Day After Day (2017)

Alex Radeff - I Got You (2017) 

 with Andrea Rojas at the True Love Café, Canada 
Alex Radeff show with Andrea Rojas
Alex Radeff and Donkey - Day After Day (2017) 

Alex Radeff - Guitar / Vocals
Joe Spina - Bass
Mario Molinaro - Drums
Alex Radeff and Donkey - The Day We Say Goodbye (2016) 

Alex Radeff is a Toronto based singer/songwriter/guitarist and Donkey is the rock/pop group that is a vehicle for his musical and lyrical talents.  The music that Alex & Donkey produce ranges from melodic hard rock to pop ballads to ambient textures as well as humorous comedy spoofs. “What can be categorized under rock/pop is pretty limitless and I believe in the concept of rock as an art form.” says Alex.  The name Donkey was inspired by British band Badfinger that released an album called “Ass” on Apple Records. 


[Magazine] Muziek Expres / Musikexpress (1972)

Muziek Expres:   Dutch monthly magazine. January 1956 to December 1989 
Muziek Expres #195 (March 1972)
Muziek Expres #195 (March 1972)
Muziek Expres #195 (March 1972) r
cover: Cat Stevens 
Muziek Expres #195 (March 1972) 
Muziek Expres #195 (March 1972) cover
Musikexpress:   German version of Muziek Expres. July 1969 -  
Musikexpress #196 (April 1972) 
Musikexpress #196 (April 1972) cover


[Fanzine] Good Day Sunshine #50 (Summer 1989)

[Beatles Fanzine] Good Day Sunshine #50 (Summer 1989) 
Good Day Sunshine #50 Summer 1989 Badfinger
Good Day Sunshine #50 Summer 1989


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