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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


TUBESYOSUKE / MrPicofmylife / alaixy060 - Without You (2017/2016/2015)

TUBESYOSUKE - Without You (2017) 

MrPicofmylife - Without You (2016) 

alaixy060 - Without You (2015) 



[laROCKA] Badfinger El Jonny (March 1, 2018)

1807 laROCKA Badfinger El Jonny (March 1, 2018) 

Mariah Carey  Without You  54:00 - 
Badfinger  57:15 - 1:41:04 
  Without You 
  Come and Get It 
  Maybe Tomorrow 
  Day After Day 
  No Matter What 
  Sweet Tuesday Morning 
  Name of the Game 
  Love is Gonna Come at Last 
  Better Days 
  Baby Blue 
  I'll be the One 


[Bootleg/DVD] Various - Ultra Rare Promos Vol. 2

Various - Ultra Rare Promos Vol. 2 
A collection of not often seen pop/rock promotional films. Remastered audio. 91 minutes.  
 Various - Ultra Rare Promos Vol 2 DVD
Various - Ultra Rare Promos Vol 2 DVD back

Anthony Beresford-Cooke
(British photographer, born in 1943, died in 1977) 
In 1969 Tony Beresford-Cooke returned to England where met his future wife whom he married in 1970.   He stopped working as a photographer and focused on filming and editing, collaborating in the BCC children’s programme “Vision On” making short films and animations.
He became more and more involved in music, making the sleeve photos for the albums of Badfinger and Bridget St. John
10.  Love Is Easy  BADFINGER (1974)  promo film "Love Is Easy" 
Anthony Beresford-Cooke used footage he'd shot with his own Bolex camera when Badfinger had recorded at the Manor Studios. He used his own facilities to process and edit the film. The film was a series of close-ups of the band with their instruments and studio gear. 


[EP/Thailand] TKR-033 Baby Blue

[EP/Thailand] Royalsound: TKR-033 Baby Blue 
Various Artists - The Family of Man / Am I Losing You / Baby Blue / Back Off Boogaloo
1. Three Dog Night - The Family of Man 

2. The Partridge Family  - Am I Losing You 

3. Badfinger - Baby Blue 

4. Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo 



[EP/Thailand] TK-726 Carry On Till Tomorrow

[EP/Thailand] Royalsound: TK-726 
Thailand EP TK-726 cott
Thailand EP TK-726 Royalsound cott r2
Thailand EP TK-726 Royalsound cott back
Thailand EP TK-726 cott r
Thailand EP TK-726 cott back


[EP/Thailand] TK-683 Day After Day

[EP/Thailand] TK-683  Picks of the Pops Vol. 15 
Thailand EP TK-683 dad
Thailand EP TK-683 dad r1
1. Badfinger - Day After Day 

2. Cliff Richard - Sing a Song of Freedom 

Thailand EP TK-683 dad back
3. Jonathan King - Hooked on a Feeling 

4. Tony Christie - (Is This The Way To) Amarillo 


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