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Bangla bf02
The Concert for Bangladesh (March 23, 1972) 
The Magic Christian (December 12, 1969) 
   Badfinger The Magic Christian clips / Original Soundtrack 
   The Magic Christian Original Sound Track (1970) 
   The Magic Christian video 
   The Magic Christian  LD/DVD/Blu-ray 
   The Magic Christian Premiere (1969/1970) 
   Terry Southern / The Magic Christian 
Annabelle Comes Home (June 26, 2019) 
My Friend Dahmer (April 21, 2017) 
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (March 4, 2016) 
Vacation (July 29, 2015) 
Strange Magic (January 23, 2015) 
Horrible Bosses 2 (November 26, 2014) 
Immigration Tango (February 18, 2011) 
Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) (September 10, 2010) 
44 Inch Chest (January 15, 2010) 
The Departed (October 6, 2006) 
The Elementary Particles (February 23, 2006)  aka Atomised / aka Las particulas elementales 
The In-Laws (May 23, 2003) 
Houve uma vez Dois Verões (2002)  aka Two Summers / aka 二つの夏 
The Rules of Attraction (October 11, 2002) 
Bridget Jones's Diary (April 13, 2001) 
Outside Providence (September 1, 1999) 
Casino (November 22, 1995) 
Now and Then (October 20, 1995) 
Kanto Boy 2: Anak ni Totoy Guwapo (December 25, 1994) 
Four Weddings and a Funeral (April 15, 1994) 
Zärtliche Chaoten (August 20, 1987)  aka Lovable Zanies / aka Three Crazy Jerks 
Porridge (August 10, 1979)  aka Doing Time 
Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs (June 1974) 
Son of Dracula (April 19, 1974) 
Manson (1973) 
A.P. Bio [Season 1, Episode 11]  Eight Pigs and a Rat (April 19, 2018) 
Divorce [Season 2, Episode 2]  Happy Now? (January 21, 2018) 
I'm Dying Up Here [Season 1, Episode 10]  Creative Indifferences (August 13, 2017) 
Pretty Little Liars [Season 7, Episode 19]  Farewell, My Lovely (June 20, 2017) 
This Is Us [Season 1, Episode 11]  The Right Thing to Do (January 10, 2017) 
Wishlist [Season 1, Episode 9]  Letzte Warnung (December 15, 2016) 
Inside No. 9 [Series 1, Episode 2]  A Quiet Night In (February 12, 2014) 
Breaking Bad [Season 5, Episode 16]  Felina (September 29, 2013) 
Sturm der Liebe [season 5]  (August 4, 2010) 
30 Rock [Season 3, Episode 17]  Cutbacks (April 9, 2009) 
Cuéntame cómo pasó [Season 10 Episode 2]  La cigüeña dijo 'sí' (September 4, 2008) 
The 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden  Numbers 10 through 6 (January 16, 2007) 
The O.C. [Season 3, Episode 3]  The End of Innocence (September 22, 2005) 
代紋TAKE2 Emblem TAKE2  (March 4, 1993) 
BBC News (October 2, 2018)  Ron Griffiths, Blue Plaque 
Fox 45 Morning News (October 6, 2013)  Badfinger, Breaking Bad 

Badfinger, (The Most Tragic Band in Rock History)….and How Pete Ham Got Me Started On My Way

My Entertaining Life - Steve Carter 
Badfinger, (The Most Tragic Band in Rock History)…. 
and How Pete Ham Got Me Started On My Way (July 4, 2017
Painter's Mill Music Theater (March 3, 1972) 
After the show Bill waved me back again. I was talking to my heroes, Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans and Mike Gibbins. I was in heaven. 
 Badfinger tribute at Momo's in Austin (April 9, 2011) 
 Badfinger tribute at Momo's in Austin (Dec 3, 2011) 

Badfinger: A Conversation with Chris Thomas (April 28, 2019)

Badfinger: A Conversation with Chris Thomas 
by Eoghan Lyng  (April 28, 2019
Pete was on guitar, playing something like six solos, all very comb, and paper “doo de doo doo doo.” It was like being back in the days with bands, there were solos, saxophone players, in that ‘comb and paper’ way. So, years later, when I was working with Paul, I suggested to him this idea. I wanted to deconstruct the idea. It was something like playing live and six guitars going for it. He said he had a similar idea and even had a name for it: ‘Rockestra’! 


Joey Molland and Tony Kaye remember Pete Ham, Tom Evans + Badfinger

Joey Molland and Tony Kaye remember Pete Ham, Tom Evans + Badfinger: Gimme Five 
   by Nick DeRiso (April 24, 2014
“It made us a little paranoid, actually,” Molland says. “We couldn’t do ‘Day After Day’ anything like the record. We ended up not doing it on stage, or only once in a while. It got to be impossible to play, so we’d do other ones. The crowds never said anything to us. I’m sure some people would miss it, but that we just couldn’t do it. We didn’t want to do a shitty version. They hear the record and that’s what they expect.”
Tony Kaye remembers Yes, Badger and Badfinger: Gimme Five 
   by Nick DeRiso (November 9, 2012
TONY KAYE: I hadn’t realized the history of Badfinger. I was close with Tommy from the past, but he lived in England. It was only because they had come over and settled in Los Angeles for a while that it came together at all. In fact, until I read Dan Matoniva’s book fairly recently, I hadn’t realized exactly what had gone down with that band. 


[The Week In Reviews] The RAZ Band (April 18, 2019)

Simon Barrett 
The Week In Reviews - The RAZ Band (April 18, 2019)



[Magazine/ad] New Musical Express (Dec 6, 1969)

New Musical Express #1195 (December 6, 1969) 
NME #1195 (Dec 6, 1969) ad

UK Promotional Poster 
Badfinger Come and Get It UK Promotional Poster

Billboard 75th-Anniversary (December 27, 1969) 
Billboard (1969-12-27 75th-Anniversary)
Ringo Starr Peter Sellers The Magic Christian
Magic Christian Music by The Iveys MikePete
John C. Winn / That Magic Feeling 
John C Winn That Magic Feeling

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