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[eBay] Badfinger / The Lost Telephone Tapes from 1972

Badfinger / The Lost Telephone Tapes from 1972 
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Badfinger - The Lost Telephone Tapes from 1972

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Original/Reproduction: Reproduction from originalsFormat: TWO CD's miss paperwork

Back in 1972 my husband Bud Becker had a talent agency based in Falls Church, Virginia ...Domestic Sound Productions. From that Bud became involved with national talent promotions in various venues in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Out of that grew a business of supplying national talent to colleges for a 15% service fee. Because of the volatile nature of the entertainment business back in the early 70's and the fact that things moved very fast and sometimes according to Bud, it was nice to be able to review what had been discussed in the heat of negotiation, Bud installed what for its time was a very sophisticated telephone recording system with the purpose of being able to review conversations and make proper offers and/or responses to negotiations.

When getting ready to move our vast memorabilia collection in 2009 my husband (Bud) and I (Saintluna) came across reel to reel tapes. After listeneing to the many tapes we were fascinated with some of the subjects of conversations.  The one that held our interest the greatest concerned a series of Badfinger dates in early 1973. They were carefully boxed up and moved with us. These tapes will celebrate forty years on February 2012 and contain voices of several individuals that have passed on and information that needs to be explained to get to the heart of the story which is really how Badfinger’s manager Stan Polley, Once again putting his personal gains ahead of the best interest of the Badfinger band.

The response to the past items my husband, Bud Becker, had from working with Badfinger in the early 1970’s convinced us that there would be interest from the band’s fans. However this project required a lot of time to work out.   First, reel to reel audio tapes and then working over and over with CD's tapes until the listener could understand everything! Much editing of some materials out and breaking the rest down into parts so the listener could follow along and understand the implications of what was being done to Badfinger by their agency ATI , and their management Stan Polley. As usual my husband Bud Becker is narrating his "Memories of the Road-BADFINGER"  CD and since a lot of this incident concerns Bud’s personal conflict with another promoter, but is not about Badfinger, we have put in a "bonus" free CD in which Bud explains further his story. As Bud, mentions at the start of the Epilogue (CD number two), if you are only interested in Badfinger, put it aside, however if you are interested in the music business in the 1970’s you may enjoy this second CD.  Please continue to trust SAINTLUNA after over 8 years in business on eBay which has primary concerned itself with  music, music memorabililia and my husbands "MEMORIES OF THE ROAD Series".  The music history and stories only get better!!

In addition to the #1 BADFINGER "Memories of the Road" CD and the #2 Epilogue CD  I have included several copies of items(paperwork etc.) of which the originals have been sold to Badfinger collectors for the purpose of establishing the positive relationship of Bud Becker, Saintluna and Badfinger.    In addition to better understand Richard G. Klotzman and Jay Erlich - - Bud has included a copy of the article which Richard Harrington wrote in the Woodwind Newspaper on Jay Erlich and his concert promoting tactics and a 1985 article in POLLSTAR on Richard G. Klotzman, both of which are mentioned in the Epilogue. A final note on this project which is mentioned on the CD sleeve, the listener will have to adjust the volume while listening since despite all efforts the volume of the narrative and the telephone conversations are different, but Bud and I wanted to make sure the listener could hear everything including the comments made farther from the telephone receiver. If you listen close you will hear Sol Saffian mention that he cleared the two show dates with Danny Aharoni off the telephone receiver. You have to listen closely, but it is there and little things like that we thought made it worthwhile for the Badfinger fans to have to adjust the volume to get everything that these forty year old tapes have to offer ( the Aharoni reference is around  four minutes toward the end of the CD when Sol is checking with Ira Blacker).

I will say that this CD (CD #1) was put together with the Badfinger fans I (Saintluna) have been priviladged to come in contact with when selling the original memorabilia we had from the Badfinger dates. I really think that this is a must have for those fans and of course anyone wanting to know what was going on when rock and roll touring was just getting geared up.

One last thing. May you "Rest In Peace Pete Ham". And to my dearest BADFINGER..."A Band Gone To Soon and  NEVER to be forgotten in your music."

As usual, please write my husband, Bud or me with any questions or concerns.  We appreciate your interest and are true BADFINGER FANS.


Stan Polley [Business manager] 
Danny Aharoni [Tour manager] 
Sol Saffian, Ira Blacker and Jeff Franklin: the principals of ATI (American Talent International) 


[Magazine] Teen (August 1972)

Teen (August 1972) 
Badfinger Points to Success 
Chat with a top rock group, Badfinger, and find out how they got to the top 
Teen Magazine (August 1972) a badfinger
Teen Magazine (August 1972) badfinger
Teen Magazine (August 1972) b
Teen Magazine (August 1972) a


Origins: The Iveys Anthology Vol. 2 (Japanese version)

Origins: The Iveys Anthology Vol. 2 - Live at Thingamajig Club September 6, 1968 Reading, England [Japanese version CD November 27, 2019] 
ATOZ121 back
ATOZ121 obi
 [CD 2019] Origins: The Iveys Anthology Vol. 2 (Japanese version) 


[Various Artists] Power to the Pop (November 27, 2019)

2019/11/27   2 Blu-spec CD2   Sony Music Japan International(SMJI):SICP-31336-37     Disc:1-15. Know One Knows - Badfinger 
Power to the Pop b
Power to the Pop
 [Various Artists] POWER TO THE POP (2019/11/27発売予定) 


How Player's Peter Beckett Almost Joined the Ill-fated Badfinger

Peter Beckett: 
Beckett auditioned for Badfinger on the heels of "Come and Get It", and was on Peter Ham's and Tommy Evans' short list, but they ultimately offered the job to Joey Molland. Beckett then joined a progressive rock band called Paladin, recording two albums, Paladin and Paladin Charge!.

How Player's Peter Beckett Almost Joined Badfinger
 Peter Beckett 


Katie Kadan - Without You (The Voice Performance) - Single (2019)

The Voice Live Top 11 Performances November 25, 2019. 

Katie Kadan - Without You (The Voice Performance) - Single 
Released: Nov 25, 2019 
Katie Kadan - Without You (The Voice Performance) - Single

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