The Cryin' Shames - What's News Pussycat (1966)

Joey Kneen (V), Charlie Crane (Harmonica), Charlie Gallagher (D), George Robinson (B), Phil Roberts (Organ), Richie Routledge (G)  シングル盤録音時は John Bennett (G) が在籍、 Richie Routledge は加入前。
The Cryin' Shames 1966
Richie Routledge
I have just found some old photographs with my two Rick 480s and
my 1949/50 Rick lap steel that i had in 1989 and used when i played
with Joey Molland's Badfinger for a Tour of the Midwest.
Joey was a member of the last line-up of Paul and Ritchie and The Crying Shames
before he joined Gary Walker and Rain and then Badfinger.