Climax - Precious and Few

1971/12/28付 WRKO局
1972/01/19付 WKLO局
1972/01/28付 WWCO局
Don McLean - American Pie

1972/01/03付 KDWB局
1972/01/05付 WOLF局
1972/01/08付 WPGC局
1972/01/10付 KDWB局
1972/01/14付 CHAM局
1972/01/15付 WPGC局
1972/01/17付 KDWB局
1972/01/17付 WKNR局
1972/01/17付 WLS局
1972/01/21付 KSTT局
1972/01/24付 KDWB局
1972/01/27付 WCFL局
1972/01/28付 KLZ-FM局
1972/01/30付 WIUS局
1972/03/26付 JOLF局
1972/03/26付 JOKR局
Don McLean - American Pie
Al Green - Let's Stay Together

1972/01/18付 KMEN局
The Stylistics - You Are Everything

1972/01/24付 WAMS局
1972/02/14付 CKVL局
Nilsson - Without You

1972/01/24付 KGB局
1972/02/07付 KMLO局
1972/02/07付 WWDJ局
1972/02/18付 KCBQ局
The Partridge Family - It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)

1972/01/31付 KGGF局
The Osmonds - Down By The Lazy River

1972/02/07付 WAMS局
Three Dog Night - An Old Fashioned Love Song

1972/03/12付 JOKR局
Bjorn and Benny - She's My Kind Of Girl

1972/03/27付 JOQR局
The New Seekers - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

1972/04/09付 JOLF局
1972/04/16付 JOLF局
Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion

1972/04/16付 JOKR局

Badfinger の Day After Day が2位から繰上げで