The Baby Blue Badfinger Tribute
featuring the music of Apple Records and Badfinger
(A Benefit Concert for Sound Guy Scotty P.)
Portland OR.  (May 6, 2013) 
2014/01/28 完全版公開
The Baby Blue Badfinger Tribute (Set I) 
01.Maybe Tomorrow
02.Dear Angie
03.Knocking Down Our Home
04.Crimson Ship
05.Come and Get It
06.Better Days
07.Carry On Till Tomorrow
08.We're for the Dark
09.No Matter What
10.It Don't Come Easy
11.What is Life
The Baby Blue Badfinger Tribute (Set II) 
12.Take It All
13.Baby Blue
16.Name of the Game
18.Sweet Tuesday Morning
19.Got to Get Out of Here
20.Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch / Should I Smoke
21.It's Over
22.Jealous Guy
23.My Sweet Lord
24.Day After Day
25.Without You
Tonight a host of local musicians pay tribute to Ham and Evans' immortal classics, while raising money for local sound engineer Scott Peterson.
The Baby Blue Badfinger Tribute
The Young Iveys:
We're opening the show Ivey's/Magic Christian Style, so don't be late.
Filmed live at the Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland OR. USA May 6th, 2013
Maybe Tomorrow
Dear Angie
Knocking Down Our Home
Carry on Till Tomorrow
Portland 周辺のミュージシャンがバンドではなく個人単位で参加しているようです。
Kinks の Cover Band の The Young Eduardians のふたりが中心になって歌っているのが The Young Iveys みたい。 ふたりが出てない Carry on Till Tomorrow 以降は、The All Star Sound Guy Band 。
Come And Get It
Better Days
Take It All
Baby Blue
Jeff DodgeTalbott Guthrie
Jeff Dodge
でも、なぜ Badfinger だったんだろう?