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[Narrator]  The cash advances from Warner Bros had disappeared. So too had Badfinger's American manager, Stan Polley. Loyal and trusting to the end, Pete refused to believe Polley was ripping them off.  Then Warner Bros sued the band for the return of their money and Badfinger were effectively shut down by their own record company. 
[Bob speaking in 1987]  I remember myself, Tommy and Pete going to the management companies in London saying, "Look, we're in this terrible situation and we'd really just like to continue our career, we just want to play." And the companies were sort of saying, "Well, who are you with?" And we'd mention the set-up and they'd, "Well, when you get out of that, come and see us."  We could have written all that off if we could have just carried on and started again, do you know what I mean? But it was difficult to start again. 
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[Nicky Bell]  Pete felt like he was a big brother. When life got in the way and things happened with Pete and he took a step back and looked at where his life was going, he thought, "I'm letting everybody down." 
[Bob]  He'd have a smile on his face but put cigarette...stubs out on his hand. It was like self-harm. Yeah, I mean, this shows the extent to which he was burning up inside, really. I mean, he felt awful, obviously.  And he played me some tapes...of new stuff. One song really kind of stuck with me, it was a song called Ringside. 
[Bob]  If you listen to that lyric, it's such a sad thing because he's likening his situation to, yeah, gather round at the ringside and watch me going down. 
[Bob]  Pete had been making these calls to try and ascertain what was happening at the American end, could never get through to Polley, but in the end, one guy worked there, Stan Poses, who had a bit more of an empathy with us.  He spoke to Pete and, unfortunately, he revealed that... He basically said outright that yeah, Stan Polley isn't very wholesome, he's not a good person, he is ripping you off. He said all the things that Pete didn't want to hear, really.