Rupert's People - Flying High [Ray Beverley - David Jenkins]
     Dai Jenkins 唯一の作曲作品 2007年まで未発売 
[various artists]  Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's The Rush, Time Machine Man? 
2007/   CD   Rev-Ola:CR REV 217     20. Flying High - Rupert's People 
Psychedelic Jumble Volume One back
Psychedelic Jumble Volume One What's The Rush, Time Machine Man
Rupert's People / 45 Years of Ruperts People and Beyond 
2012/07/23   CD   Angel Air Records:SJPCD 387     10. Flying High 
Rupert's People - 45 Rpm 45 Years of Ruperts People Music (2012)

Rupert's People / Hold On 
2013/06/24   LP   Guerssen:GUESS113     Side:2-2. Flying High 
Rupert's People - Hold On (2013)
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Rod Lynton - guitar/vocals,
John Tout - keyboards,
Steve Brendell - drums,
Ray Beverley - bass,
Dai Jenkins (formerly of the Iveys) joined on guitar 
Rupert's People - Flying High [1967 Ray Beverley - David Jenkins] 

元 The Iveys の Dai Jenkins が Rupert's People 在籍当時に発売されたのは 下のシングル1枚だけのようです。 
Rupert's People - A Prologue To A Magic World [1967 Rod Lynton - Annette Conder]  A面
Rupert's People - Dream On My Mind [1967 Rod Lynton]  B面 

Mal Evans Produce で2001年まで未発表だった曲 (The Magic World of Ruperts People の bonus EP として発売) 
Rupert's People - Water To A Stone [Rod Lynton - Ray Beverley] 
詳しくはわからないけど Steve Brendell worked for Apple Corps (
Ringo's It Don't Come Easy and a track of Ronnie Spector's) as well as John & Yoko's Yoko Films とか。 他にもメンバーの内3人が John Lennon の Imagine の録音に参加しているみたい。 
Steve Brendell: Crippled Inside / I Don't Want To Be A Soldier 
John Tout: Crippled Inside 
Rod Lynton: How Do You Sleep

 [ミッドナイト・コーラー] ダイ・ジェンキンスとスー・ウイング