Colin Tribe 
1970年以降、Ron Griffiths とはいくつかのアマチュア・バンドで一緒に演奏していた人。 The Paratones [Jimmy Gibson (v), Colin Tribe (g), Ron Griffiths (b), Eddie on drums, Neil on keyboards] で1985年4月にITVの番組で演奏ビデオが流されたこともあるらしい。 
Colin Tribe - Day After Day (2010)

It One of those songs that has such a catchy hook that I still find it in my head most days. Add that to the friendship I had with original Badfinger Bass player Ron Griffiths, with whom I played with in 3 or 4 different groups, the best of which "The Paratones" were on TV in a Harry Secombe programme.  [Colin Tribe] 
Colin Tribe and I were in three differing genre 'bands' during the seventies , after I had been removed from Golders Green (and Bad/Iveys) and settled in Hemel Hempstead. I have nothing but admiration for him - both then and now - after just listening to this lovely uke' treatment of Peters classic.  [Ron Griffiths] 
Colin Tribe - Without You (2010)

Colin Tribe - Come and Get It (2013)

Colin Tribe - I'm A Believer (2012)

In the 70's "The Paratones" played ”I'm A Believer” on Harry Secombe's BBC TV "Highway" programme from Stoke Mandeville.   [と本人が書いているけど、Harry Secombe の Highway は 1983-93年に ITVで放送されていたとのこと。1985年4月発行の Badfinger Connection誌によると、The Paratones will be doing a video spot to be aired on U.K.TV in April. ] 
Colin Tribe - 亜麻色の髪の乙女 (2014)