Nilsson, Pete, Tom
Writer: Pete Ham / Tom Evans
Publisher: Warner Bros. Music Corp.
Recorded: June, 1971

Producer: Richard Perry
Strings and Horns Arranged and Conducted by Paul Buckmaster
Engineered by Robin Geoffrey Cable
Harry Nilsson / The RCA Album Collection (2013) 

"I was at a friend's house in Laurel Canyon and we were playing records. Late at night, we're sitting on the floor, and I heard this thing in the background and it said 'you ....' And I thought it was a Lennon song.
The next day I called and said, 'What was that song that went 'you...'? I think it's Lenon and it could be from a Beatles album.' So everybody got fifteen people looking through Beatles albums. They came back to me and said, 'Well, they have a lot of songs with 'you' in them.'
Then I thought, 'I know, it's by Grapefruit.' And so we went through all that again. And then someone else came up with Badfinger. So I got the album and it wasn't as good as I remembered it. It was real flat. But I still called up my producer, Richard Perry, and said, 'I think I got one here.' He heard it and agreed with me, so we recorded it." -- Harry 


Did you expect that the song “Without You” (1970) would be a huge hit by Harry Nilsson (#1 on the US and British pop charts in 1971)? 

Joey Molland: No way! When we recorded it in the early 1970 on the “No Dice” album, a week later we forgot about it really. It was until Harry had recorded it and he actually played it to us in 1971, and we didn’t know anything about it. Yes, it was another fantastic surprise.