Natural Gas - I've Been Waitin' [Joey Molland] + Little Darlin' [Joey & Kathy Molland]

Natural Gas FM 1976
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Mark Clarke Interview 1997
You did the NATURAL GAS album with Jerry Shirley and a few others. That was a bit of lighter than previous stuff.
Mark Clarke: Yes, it was totally left field, really. It was something I wanted to do. 
Who instigated the whole project, was it yours ?
Mark Clarke: Yes, it was my project originally.
Joey Molland (the guy from Badfinger ) and I had been friends for years. I was planning to do a solo album, and Joey suggested that he was, so we said "let's get together!", and we did. 
Natural Gas
Joey Molland
 "We were just talking and having a laugh and I asked him, 'What are you doing?' He said, 'I’m going up to Jerry Shirley’s this weekend. I’m going to stay there and we’ll probably have a jam – why don’t you come with us.' I didn’t really know Jerry, but I thought it would be cool. So Mark calls him and Jerry says. 'Come on up.' We go on up to Jerry Shirley’s house. "  "We had a lot of fun, just playing rock ‘n’ roll songs and blues songs. The next morning Mark, Jerry and myself decided to put a band together.  "

 "We also got a keyboardist, a guy named Dave Kafinetti from the band Rare Bird. He went on to be the keyboard player in 'Spinal Tap'. What a knockout guy!" Kafinetti was replaced before the recording of the album by Peter Wood who co-wrote 'Year of the Cat' with Al Stewart." 
 "Felix was really nice, a real sociable guy and talented fellow. As far as a producer went, we really wanted Mal Evans to do it. But the label wanted Felix Papalardi, the bass player from Mountain who’d done Cream and all that – the label wanted him to do it. Apparently Felix wanted to do the project as well, so that was that. I think Mal was pretty disappointed actually." 
Natural Gas - The Right Time [Mark Clarke]

Natural Gas single
Natural Gas - PVT-11235
1976/05/29   LP   Private Stock:PS 2011/PVLP 1007/EMS-80545   Natural Gas

Natural Gas (1976) obi
Natural Gas EP
Natural Gas - You Can Do It [Peter Wood - Mark Clarke]

Natural Gas EP r2
Natural Gas EP back
Natural Gas - Once Again, A Love Song [Joey Molland]

Natural Gas single 2
2009/06/16   CD   Renaissance:RNS801732   Natural Gas   [+3 Bonus Tracks]
Natural Gas (Renaissance 2009)
2010/11/16   CD   ItsAboutMusic:   Natural Gas   [2010 remastered]
Natural Gas (ItsAboutMusic 2010)
2010/11/18   CD   Air Mail:AIRAC-1602   Natural Gas   [2010 remastered]
Natural Gas (Air Mail 2010)
Natural Gas (Air Mail 2010) back
同時発売の Natural Gas『ナチュラル・ガス』とKelly Groucutt『ケリー』、初回限定同時購入で 8センチシングルCD「ライトタイム(ナチュラルガス)」(非売品) プレゼントの特典あり
Natural Gas singleCD
Natural Gas set
2011/05/05   CD   MVD(Holland):261   Natural Gas   [2010 remastered]
Natural Gas (MVD 2011)
In 1975, you formed Natural Gas. Why this band lasted for so short time? 

We came to America and went on tour and unfortunately for all of us, we got involved in some drugs and I think that was the main factor. That’s the reason we got out of control and the band broke up about a year and a half later. It had nothing to do with the personalities in the band, I really put that all down to the drugs. 

Dan Matovina:   Without You
After the tour (during July, August, and September, 1976), Shirley, Clarke, and Wood found apartments in New York City. They were quite content to situate there, but Joey wanted to stay in Los Angeles. The band broke up.
Billboard   (Jan. 8, 1977)
Joey Molland has departed Natural Gas to re-form Badfinger.  Les Nichol, who played with Leo Sayer, replaces him.
Billboard 1977年1月8日 P64
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Magnet / Worldwide Attraction (1979)
   Drums - Jerry Shirley [ex-Natural Gas]
   Keyboards - Peter Wood [ex-Natural Gas]
   Guitars, Vocals - Les Nichol [ex-Natural Gas]
   Bass, Vocals - Michael Neville [ex-N. Y. Central]
   Vocals - Bob James [ex-Montrose]

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