Denny Wright and the Hustlers - Without You [Ham - Evans]
   Arr. and cond. by Denny Wright
   Denys Justin Wright (6 May 1924 - 8 February 1992)
Pepsi 1974 r
1974/   LP   Music For Pleasure:MFP 50098   Non-Stop Pepsi Party   Side:1-5.Without You
pepsi 1974
Pepsi 1974 back
Paul McCartney:
"I remember going to see Lonnie Donegan in 1956 at the Empire in Liverpool. It was wonderful. After we saw him and the skiffle groups, we just wanted guitars. Denny Wright, his guitar player, we really used to love – he was great." ( interview) 
"I loved Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donegan's guitarist, Denny Wright, who was fantastic." (Guitarist magazine, 2004) 
Denny Wright