POBA is the pronounced form of phowa, a Hindi phrase that describes the transformation of consciousness at deathよくわからないけど、顧問に Peter Asher の名前あり
Badfinger / Pete Ham and Tom Evans 
下の方に、Pete と tom の曲と絵のページヘのリンクあり
Clown of the Party   ca. 1969 
Perfection   ca. 1970 
Where Will You Be   
. 1970
Carry On Till Tomorrow   ca. 1969
Without You (If It's Love)   ca. 1969
Without You (I Can't Live)   c.  1969
The Sad Clown (Pete Ham),   1968 
Lyric Sheet "Perfection" (Pete Ham),   1970
Peace Globe (Pete Ham),   Year Unknown
When Life Becomes Old (Pete Ham)
Carry On (Tom Evans),   Year Unknown