Gary Walker & the Rain   Album No 1   詰め合わせ

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Gary Walker & the Rain - Thoughts of An Old Man [Gary Leeds/Joey Molland]

Gary Walker & the Rain - Market Tavern [Joey Molland/Paul Crane]

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Before Badfinger you played with Gary Walker. How helpful was the period of time for your later career?

It was very helpful, very influential on me. It was Gary who encouraged me to write songs. We toured all over the world playing to people all over the place. There would be a lot of confidence actually to do what I did. Of course it gave me a year and a half just learning to write songs and working on them. I usually get ideas to songs in taxi cabs and write down lyrics on bits of paper and stuff. And it all started because I knew we needed songs for the Gary Walker band. I had never written songs before, so it was very influential on me in that sense.