2013 Chicago International Music and Movies Festival 
Award winning Chicago filmmaker John Anderson really goes off the chain with “Joey Molland: Liverpool to Memphis,” which makes its world premiere at 1 p.m. April 21 as part of CIMMFest No. 5 (Chicago International Movies & Music Festival) a the Logan Theatre 4, 2646 N. Milwaukee Ave. Molland, 65, is the last surviving member of Badfinger, the vintage era 1970-74……
Joey Molland: Liverpool to Memphis  (57 min)   57分中、以下の部分のみ見ることができる 
   From Liverpool to 'Come and Get It' (4:44)
   Live: 'Vampire Wedding' and 'No More' (10:00)
Joey Molland Q & A (April 21 2013 Chicago IL)   上映の後に行なわれたQ&Aの模様

John Lennon のアルバムに参加した話などはインタビューでは必ず触れられる。文章だと BADFINGER MEETS JOHN LENNON http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/mar/11/interviews-corky-laing-edgar-winter-wild-man-fisch/

"One day," remembers Molland, "we get a call at the house on Park Avenue. It was Joe, John Lennon’s driver. He said ‘John’s recording tonight and he was wondering if you’d do him a favor and come down and play some guitar on a couple of songs.’ Of course we said yes...we went in [Lennon’s house] and there was the ladder in the vestibule, the one you climb up with the magnifying glass. So we go into the foyer and there’s a big staircase going up and the carpet was all black, the walls were all white. On the walls going up the stairway were these empty picture frames. Big beautiful gilt portrait frames. I remember a hammer hanging in this frame. I’m going, yeah, this is definitely Johnny’s house, isn’t it!"
"So we go down the hallway and into this billiard room...the door closes behind us and there’s no door there! It was all library books, like one of those secret doors, so we were in there walking around for a half an hour. Finally one of the panels with the books swings open and we go into another room and that’s full of Dr. Pepper. Crates and crates of it."
They finally got to Lennon’s home studio. "We sit down and tune up and in comes Mr. Lennon and Yoko. He sits down on his stool, says hello to everyone and says ‘The first song we’re going to do is Jealous Guy.’ He told everyone to keep it together, nice and simple. I put the headphones on and there’s John Lennon sitting five feet away from me playing Jealous Guy, and it was unbelievable. We did the session, he said ‘These Badfinger guys aren’t bad now, are they?’ He said we could f-off for awhile if we wanted to but we said no that’s okay, we’ll stay! So he did ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier,’ and we banged around on that for awhile." 
それが映像だと、上のyoutubeの動画のここから5分間 みたいに、もう持ちネタのようになっているみたい。 残念ながら Came and Get It に間に合わなかった Joey は、まだ1度も Paul McCartney には会ったことがないので Paul をネタにできないけど、この後もたぶん会うことはないだろうなぁとのこと。