Ray Conniff and The Singers - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans]
   [Arranged and conducted by Ray Conniff] [Produced by Snuff Garrett]
   Vocals: Jackie Ward, Sally Stevens, Sue Allen, Tom Bahler, Ron Hicklin, John Bahler + Ray Conniff
Ray Conniff - KC 31473 r
Love Theme from "The Godfather" (Speak Softly Love)
   Although generally Ray Conniff records records with 25 singers singing simultaneously with the orchestra, this album was recorded with only six singers using the overdubbing technique. Occasionally Ray joined the boys and sang a seventh part. The rhythm tracks were recorded first, then the singers and finally the brass and strings.   The Singers (l to r)
Jackie Ward, Sally Stevens, Sue Allen / Tom Bahler / Ron Hicklin, John Bahler
Ray Connif and The Singers
Ray Connif - The Godfather in
1972/07   LP   Columbia:KC 31473     Side:2-2. Without You
Ray Conniff - KC 31473
Ray Conniff - KC 31473 back
1972/08   quadLP   Columbia:CQ 31473     Side:2-2. Without You
Ray Conniff - CQ 31473
1972/   quad8tr   Columbia:CAQ 31473     .Without You
Without You   [英国盤。トップのタイトル曲を外して、そこへ2面2曲目から Without You を移動。1面最後に、未収録だった Sleepy Shores を追加。2面は Without You 以外の5曲をそのまま収録]
1972/    LP   CBS:65049/S65049     Side:1-1. Without You
Ray Conniff - Without You
Love Theme from "The Godfather" + Alone Again (Naturally) [2 LPs on 1 CD]
2004/03/09   CD   Collectables Records:COL-CD-7609     7. Without You
Ray Conniff - 2 LPs on 1 CD
Complete Ray Conniff and His Orchestra, Vol. 1
2004/07/13   10CD Box   Collectables Records:226     Disc:10-7. Without You