Vikki Carr - Without You [P. Ham - T. Evans]
   [Arranged by Al Capps] [Produced by Snuff Garrett]
Vikki Carr - SOPO-22 r
The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)
1972/08   LP   Columbia:KC 31453     Side:1-5.Without You
Vikki Carr - KC 31453 CD
1972/   cass   Columbia:CT 31453     .Without You
Vikki Carr - CT 31453
1972/   8tr   Columbia:CA 31453     Program:3-1.Without You
Love Story + The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)
1975/10   2LP   Columbia:CG 33609     Side:3-5.Without You
1975/   8tr   Columbia:CGA 33609     Program:2-5.Without You
Vikki Carr - CGA 33609
The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) (Expanded Edition)  [nine bonus tracks]
2014/06/03   CD   Real Gone Music:400252     5.Without You
Song Sung Blue   [英国盤。2-4.Brian's Song (The Hands Of Time) を外して、アルバム未収録だったシングル Big Hurt を収録]
1972/   LP   CBS:65121     Side:1-5.Without You
1972/   cass   CBS:40-65121     Side:1-5.Without You
Vikki Carr - 40-65121
Song Sung Blue + Ms. America
1984/   2LP   CBS:22022     Side:1-5.Without You
Vikki Carr - Song Sung Blue +
1972/   LP   CBS/Sony:SOPL-100     The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)     Side:1-5.Without You
Vikki Carr - SOPL 100
1973/11   LP   CBS/Sony:SOPN-47     Vikki Carr Gold Disc     Side:1-2.Without You
Vikki Carr - SOPN-47 Gold Disc
1975/   LP   CBS/Sony:SOPO-22     The Best of Vikki Carr     Side:1-2.Without You
Vikki Carr - SOPO-22 obi
1977/   LP   CBS/Sony:29AP-433     Grand Prix 20     Side:2-8.Without You
Vikki Carr - 29AP-433 Grand Prix 20
1977/   2LP   CBS/Sony:40AP-477-8     Golden Grand Prix 30     Side:4-?.Without You
Vikki Carr - 40AP-477-8 obi