Lena Zavaroni - Without You
   (November 4, 1963 - October 1, 1999)
1980/07/07   Lena Zavaroni - Without You [BBC TV   Lena   Season 1, Episode 5]

BBC-TV   Lena   Season 1, Episode 5   broadcast on July 7, 1980
   Lena Zavaroni
   David Gates
   Janis Ian
   Toast Marster: Bryn Williams
   Musical Director: Arthur GrennSlade
   Choreography: Ludovico Romano
   Musical Arrangements: John Colemen, Arthur GrennSlade, Alan Roper
   Vocal Backing: The Kay Garner Singers
During the opening credits Toast Marster Bryn Williams introduces Lena Zavaroni.
Lena opened the show singing "Make Your Own Kind of Music" and "Dream a Little Dream".

She then introduces Janis Ian whom performs sing "The Other Side of the Sun", Lena then joins them.

Lena and Bernie then sing "Put on a Happy Face".

Lena and her dance troupe then perform a song and dance routine (Lazy Bones).

Lena then sings "Without You"

After which she introduces David Gates he performs the song "Can I Call You".

Lena then sings "If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words" while David Gates plays guitar.

Lena thanks her Guests and ends the show performing a song and dance routine (Jump Shout Boogie).

Lena Zavaroni on Japanese TV
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"Personality" and ”The End of the World"

リーナ - ママ恋かしら "Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)" (Japanese version) (1974)