Joey 最初の Joey's Badfinger のツアー編成 (1981年暮)
   Joey Molland   g,v
   Joe Tansin   g,v
   Larry Lee   b,v   (ex-Scooters)
   Bobby Dean Wickland   d   (ex-Scooters)
Scooters - Drive Away (1980)

Scooters - Someone Tonight (1980)

Scooters - Alien Nights (1981)

Scooters は1980年と81年にアルバム発表し、解散。
l to r   Larry Lee (v,b,k,g)   Bobby Dean Wickland (d)   Robert Ferrero (v,g)   Luke Zamperini (v,g)
Scooters 1980
Bobby Dean Wickland は1981年7月に Boy というバンドを結成するが、すぐに Then drummer Bobby Dean Wickland got the call to join the reunited group: badfinger and had to leave. 
Scooters の二人をまとめて採用かと思っていたけど、Larry Lee が先に採用されて、その伝手で Bobby Dean Wickland (またはその逆の順序) も、って感じなのかも。
Badfinger Members Plead Guilty (May 1982)
Larry Lee は1951年生まれで60年代から活動。
Peach and Lee (1966-71) [signed by RCA Music in 1968]
   Larry Lee (vocals, bass guitar), Arlis Peach (vocals, lead and rythm guitar, drums), Hilly Michaels (vocals, drums), Fred Bova (lead and rythm guitar, vocals)
Peach and Lee 1971
Peach and Lee - Hold On b/w It's Better (1971)

Peach and Lee / unreleased recordings

00:00 01.No Way Baby
03:40 02.Not For Sale
06:38 03.The Other Night
09:02 04.Can You Hear Me?     written by Hilly Michaels / sung by Hilly Michaels
11:29 05.When I Get Home
14:01 06.Love is On Our Side
18:07 07.Ooh, Baby
21:02 08.Never Made the Grade
23:34 09.(Don't Be) Looking My Way
27:41 10.Do It Again (Move Me Now)
30:02 11.You're All Mine
32:44 12.A.M. Music     written by Hilly Michaels
35:44 13.Rose of India     written by Hilly Michaels
All songs written by Arlis Peach and Larry Lee
All lead vocals by Peach and Lee
Recorded in 68 / 69 in RCA with Elvis's engineer
Larry Lee と Arlis Peach のボーカルは、「ふたり Tom Evans」 という感じ。
1曲目の No Way Baby は、1980年に Arlis Peach が Arlis! という名前で Titan Records からsingle発売。

Larry Lee は80年代以降も musician, producer, composer として活躍中で、現在は  HOR Entertainment Group のCEO。