February 2 & 3, 1971
At Abbey Road Studios, over this two-day period, Leon Russell and Badfinger's Pete Ham Join George recording tracks for a proposed album by Phil Spector's wife Ronnie. The sessions produce 'Try Some, Buy Some'. Other tracks recorded are 'You', 'Tandoori Chicken' and the unreleased 'Love Me La-Di-Day'.
Ronnie Spector - Try Some, Buy Some

George Harrison - Try Some, Buy Some

Ronnie Spector - Love Me La-Di-Day

Ronnie Spector - Tandoori Chicken

We're on Ringo's new single. We didn't know he was going to release it. Ronnie Ronnett's got a single on Apple, you know, Phil Spector's wife; that we played on. We're like the Apple house band.