Lukas Creswell-Rost - Week of Warmth (2014)


Taken from Lukas Creswell-Rost's upcoming "GO DREAM" album. Released Digitally/ Vinyl 29th September 2014.

Lukas Creswell-Rost - Go Dream

'Week Of Warmth' recounts the tale of ill-fated 70s power-pop band Badfinger from their money-grabbing manager's perspective, as well as taking in some lyrical nods to other 70's luminaries 10cc.



Do you enjoy the fahrenheit, I’ll take you to the brightest shine. Spotlight.
You put on quite a show, so go tear them a new one.
My intentions are not clear, but if you just sign here you’ll be hanging silently without a care.
There’s one born every minute it’s the Name Of The Game.
You’re mine now.
You’re in, over your head now entertain.
I said I’d take you to Venice Beach
In your dreams.
Oh I promised you so much, but only with Deceptive Bends.
And Blackmail.
You can flick me that Badfinger, but it’s not like I can’t live Without You.
The Old Wild Men won’t throw you out a Lifeline.
Hope you enjoyed the ride from your week of warmth out in the sun.
By ‘75, you string your throat.
Now Ivey grows on your headstones.
All that money. I take it all.
So think of me, when…
I’m in my week of warmth out in the sun.
When I’m in my week of warmth out in the sun.



Featuring James Yates on Drums, Laura Gladwell & EL Heath on backing vocals, & Snake Davis (M People) on sax.