I've known him (Joey Molland) all my adult life, we both grew up and learned our stuff in Liverpool, I think we're basically the same except he's got talent and good looks.
Beckett auditioned for Badfinger on the heels of "Come and Get It", and was on Peter Ham's and Tommy Evans' short list, but they ultimately offered the job to Joey Molland instead.
One thing Peter Beckett fans don't realize is that he was on the short list to become the fourth Badfinger after "Come and Get It" was recorded. Joey Molland got the gig instead - but gosh, thinking without Peter Ham, Tommy, and Mike RIP - wouldn't a Beckett-Molland Badfinger sound great?
  Alan Rockman
Monday, March 5, 2007
Hi There Peter, I chanced upon your myspace.com site, and very glad I did. We met while you were still playing with the Shorrock-led LRB, but I knew of you for many years - from Paladin through Skyband to Player. Plus that little Badfinger trivia bit when you were almost part of the band - except they snatched a McCartney lookalike by the name of Joey Molland! Molland and Jackie Lomax are old friends, and I remember them telling me this! Wishing you the best. Oh by the way, love that tune "Nothing Like You". Best, Alan Rockman

The Thoughts - All Night Stand (1966 UK single version) [Ray Davies]

The Thoughts - All Night Stand (1966 US single version) [Ray Davies]

Paladin / Charge! [recorded at Apple Studios, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972 / Engineer: Geoff Emerick]

Peter Beckett
 How Player's Peter Beckett Almost Joined the Ill-fated Badfinger