Badfinger Magic Christian clips [Badfingerの音が流れる全場面]

The Magic Christian Original Soundtrack

01.Introduction [Ken Thorne]
02.Come and Get It [Paul McCartney]
03.Hamlet Scene [Ken Thorne]
04.Hunting Scene [Ken Thorne]
05.Carry On To Tomorrow [Tom & Pete]
06.Lilli Marlene [Connor - Schultze]
---.unknown song
07.Flip Your Wig (A Day In The Life) [Ken Thorne]
---.unknown song
08.Magic Christian Waltz [Ken Thorne]
09.Come and Get It [Paul McCartney]
10.Rock of Ages [Tom, Pete & Mike]
11.Newsreel March Music [Ken Thorne]
12.Mad About the Boy [Noel Coward]
---.unknown song
13.Something in the Air [John Keen]
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The Magic Christian 

Волшебный христианин   Russian 吹き替え  一人で全部やってる? 元の音声も聞こえる  

A csodatévő   Hungary語 オリジナルの声にかなり近い感じの人たち