In the Works
Alice has finished recording a new studio album, the album consists of covers with a theme. Based around The Hollywood Vampires, the album will tell the story of the drinking club Alice was part of. A few new songs have been penned especially for the album, and a whole roster of guest musicians have been enlisted to help. The album with be released in the Spring '15. 
Alice was recently in the studio with Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry recording a cover of Come and Get It. Original recorded by Badfinger, Come and Get It was written by McCartney. 
McCartney, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp record a Song
"We've got this project with Alice, and it's like a tribute to this old drinking club' - a club of great excess, they were called the Hollywood Vampires, and it's Alice, John [Lennon], Keith Moon - all the crazies, who are all dead except Alice, and that have this project they are doing with a number of different people, and Johnny said, 'come along to my studio'." 
The result was a version of Badfinger's classic 'Come and Get It', which Paul handily wrote back during his fab days. "It's gonna come out on an album they're making."
Joe & Alice, Paul & Johnny's new project
Last July, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said he did a recording session with Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp. But since then, nothing else has been said…until now.
He tells us Depp asked him to take part in the session, which is part of a tribute to the Hollywood Vampires, a drinking club of the early ’70s that included Cooper, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz and Keith Moon.
McCartney, Cooper, Perry and Depp recorded “Come and Get It,” a song McCartney wrote for Badfinger. It will likely be part of, or tied in with, Cooper’s upcoming album of classic rock covers.
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