The Iveys
Apple/Americom:M-301     Maybe Tomorrow [Tom] b/w And Her Daddy's A Millionaire [Tom & Pete]
Iveys Pocket Disc
The Iveys M-301b
Pocket Disc
33 1/3 RPM   3.75 inches flexi   約9.5cm
収録時間3分半程度 (Beatles の Hey Jude は 3:25, Mary Hopkin の Those Were the Days は3:36に編集)
The Beatles - Hey Jude (Pocket Disc 3.25 edit)

49 cents plus tax (or in the vender, 50 cents including tax)
pocket disc cover
Vending Machines
23 inches wide x 10 inches high x 9 inches deep   contains 5 selections in a total quantity of 250 records (多くの店は4台並べて20種類を販売) とか
26 inches wide x 18 inches high x 8 inches deep   contains 10 selections in a total quantity of 600 records (この後、750枚収納になったみたい)
pocket disc vending machine