The Iveys LP Maybe Tomorrow - Badfinger '69 - 45s/EP
Source - vinyl acetate of album and vinyl rare tracks

0:00 SeeSaw Grandpa (acetate)
3:37 Beautiful And Blue (acetate)
6:18 Dear Angie (acetate)
9:00 Think About The Good Times (acetate)
11:23 Yesterday Ain't Coming Back (acetate)
14:21 Fisherman (acetate)
17:33 Maybe Tomorrow (acetate)
20:28 Sali Bloo (acetate)
23:14 Angelique (acetate)
25:43 I'm In Love (acetate)
28:10 Knocking Down Our Home (acetate)
31:54 I've Been Waiting (acetate)
37:13 No Escaping Your Love (mono single mix)
39:18 Daddy"s A Millionaire (mono single mix)
41:29 Storm In A Teacup (EP track)
43:58 Maybe Tomorrow (mono single mix)
46:50 Dear Angie (mono single mix)
Maybe Tomorrow SAPCOR 8
 Iveys / Maybe Tomorrow Acetate LP (UK Apple: Sapcor 8, 1969)