The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979)
     Badfinger strives to revive prowess   by Sally Rayl
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979) a
The Tuscaloosa News (May 18, 1979) b
他紙でも 文章は全く同じで、タイトルや配置が違うものを多数確認。Rolling Stone誌が地方紙に配信しているのかも。 後に Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979) にも掲載された。 
Rolling Stone #293 (June 14, 1979) 
Badfinger's return: a long and winding road   by Salley Rayl   本誌だけ Salley Rayl 
Iowa City Press-Citizen (May 16, 1979)  [Iowa City, Iowa] 
Badfinger's re-formation could be a re-success   by Sally Rayl   地方紙は全部 Sally Rayl 
The San Bernardino County Sun (May 16, 1979)  [San Bernardino, California] 
Badfinger back together with classic British pop   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun (May 18, 1979)  [Jackson, Tennessee] 
Badfinger fights memories to regroup   by Sally Rayl 
The Jackson Sun May 18, 1979
Chillicothe Gazette (May 19, 1979)  [Chillicothe, Ohio] 
Badfinger back together   by Sally Rayl 
Lansing State Journal (May 19, 1979)  [Lansing, Michigan] 
Badfinger booms back   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press (May 20, 1979)  [Asbury Park, New Jersey] 
Badfinger, A Reunion That Can't Fail   by Sally Rayl 
Asbury Park Press May 20, 1979
Daily Record (May 20, 1979)  [Morristown, New Jersey] 
Badfinger A Natural For '79 Marketplace   by Sally Rayl 
Daily Record May 20, 1979
Press and Sun-Bulletin (May 20, 1979)  [Binghamton, New York] 
Badfinger puts the Beatles behind it   by Sally Rayl 
Press and Sun-Bulletin May 20, 1979
The Times (May 20, 1979)  [Shreveport, Louisiana] 
Badfinger back again   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel (May 23, 1979)  [Orlando, Florida] 
Badfinger reunion produces 'Airwaves'   by Sally Rayl 
The Orlando Sentinel May 23, 1979
Philadelphia Daily News (September 29, 1979)  [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] 
Bad times Are Over for Badfinger   by Sally Rayl 
The Journal News (October 4, 1979)  [White Plains, New York] 
'Badfinger' regroups out of Beatles' shadow   by Sally Rayl