Dear Pledgers. Please read the following important message from Dan Matovina, the head of the Breaking Baby Blue project...

I regret to inform you that the PledgeMusic campaign of Badfinger: Ham and
Evans is going to end now, but there are still prospects in the future
for all the material through reconfigurations.

I was very ambitious in tying these various projects together and
thought the cross-promotional aspect of the music with potential
events of the band was a good tie-in. Unfortunately, there resulted
some confusion. There was resulting criticism, inferences and
critiques that especially upset Marianne Evans and I have apologized
to her for any lack of clarity between us and I agreed to take this
away. Ham Estate have also agreed to take this away for now so we can
re-structure things on a clearer perspective for all down the road.

The campaign had slowed down a lot and some of that may have resulted
from my poor planning and rushing too fast. I apologize to all of you
for the current disappointment you may have, but I can assure these
things can be resolved for the future and the music you desire has the
potential to see light of day.

PledgeMusic is at no fault for any confusing aspects of this and I
take the full responsibility for this. But please feel positive for
the future. There is still a lot of exciting potential on the horizon
with Badfinger-related material.

Dan Matovina