joewarren55 - Without You [Pete Ham - Tom Evans]

A cover of the Harry Nilsson...yes...cover of a song written and originally performed by classic British band, Badfinger.

I did my best to emulate what Harry did, as his was/is the 'definitive' version of the song (in my opinion). Starts out exactly like his 1971 version and "blossoms" into a heavy and lush power ballad attempt (hope you all like it). A late Mother's Day/Anniversary gift for my wife, Jen.

As with the previous "Liar" cover (early 'Queen'), I did the (at times) tedious recording of up to 36 vocal tracks in bigger stuff toward the end of the song. Programmed the drums, bass and orchestral parts, then recorded the bass, guitars and vocals. Hope everyone likes. If not, tell me why. It helps me fix things and do better work in the future.