On the other hand, registered songs of Tom Evans in the same period, are reduced to 101 from 110. 
Disappeared 9 Songs   * CD Over You 
Don't Take Me to the Water 
Baby You* 
I Don't Know Why* 
If I Needed Someone* 
Over You* 
Stolen Love* 
The Rain* 
Waited Too Long* 
You and I* 
Songs that remain in the ASCAP (joint work of Tom Evans and Rod Roach) 
A Step to Heaven*  
Baby I Don't Care
Drinking All the Red Wine 
Goodnight Miami
Guinness for Chrsitmas 
I Remember 
Lay Down*  
Look Around 
Love Inside You* 
Make It Just Juice 
Nashville Westminster
There's a Light 
Wasting My Time 
 [ASCAP] Pete Ham: additional registration songs (2015) 

 [ASCAP] トム・エバンス と ロッド・ローチ 未発表曲?