Tales from the Top: George Harrison's All Things Must Pass 
Posted in Songwriter 101 on December 21, 2007  by Dave Simons 

“The band was set up in the room with no baffling,” recalls Molland, who played a Gibson J-50 acoustic for the occasion. “Clapton sat in the middle, with a Fender Champ and a Leslie speaker nearby. George would come in, and just go around to each of the players one by one and show everybody how the song went. You know, ‘This one’s called “Isn’t It a Pity”,’ and he’d run through the changes on his acoustic. We had to learn everything very quickly, just sort of absorb the general texture of each song. But that’s what he hired us for, really: to lay down this very uniform acoustic backing. Which meant we really had to concentrate on getting our strumming in sync.” 
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass