May 14, 2016 
Dreamscape Records is proud to announce a live in concert release by the UK band Badfinger.  The CD is called "Raw And Unrestrained"  as it captures the experience of hearing the band live.  Just close your eyes and listen and you will be transported to the concert, complete with dialog between the band and the audience, audience members calling for particular songs and introduction by the band to the songs. All profits from the sale of the CD go to "UK Pancreatic Cancer"  in the memory of Nicholas Bell, Long Time Roadie for Badfinger.  A link will also be set up for private donations as well.     This limited edition CD is available for pre-order now with shipment starting at the end of June. 

The CD below is one of the many shows I recorded for the band to be used as a reference tape.  After receiving permission from the band's manager Bill Collins,  I would record the show and occasionally, Pete or Tommy  would ask me to let them listen  to it later to be able to judge the quality of the performance, which songs the audience called for the most and which songs the audience seemed to enjoy the most.  Most of these tapes were erased as used over and over again, but fortunately a few survived.

This show was taped on November 28 1970 during the bands first tour of the U.S. I have always considered it a special show as it really captured the bands quality and energy and includes some songs that re well known and some covers that you may have not heard the band play before. 

Badfinger Dreamscape CD
Cost Including Shipping
USA $19.95 USD
Canada $25.00 USD 
Rest of the world $29.00 USD 
This show was taped on November 28 1970 (The Palladium Birmingham, MI) during the bands first tour of the U.S.  (直前の Nov. 24-26 は Ungano's Club での公演で、その時の George Harrison との写真多数)
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 Christian Treiber (Photographer)