Come and Get It: the Badfinger experience (Badfinger tribute band) 
(January 23, 2002 at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA.) 
Come and Get It: the Badfinger experience 
Created & Produced by Howard Pattow 
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Howard Pattow as Pete Ham 
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Dennis Snyder as Tom Evans 
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Rob Klein as Joey Molland
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Gene Martin as Mike Gibbins 
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Gary Richardi - guitars & keyboards 
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Videography by Dan Matovina 
Montage of clips from the debut performance of COME AND GET IT: THE BADFINGER EXPERIENCE, a Los Angeles-based Badfinger tribute band. Recorded January 23, 2002 at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. 
Featured songs:
Baby Blue, Without You, Rock Of All Ages, Take It All, Maybe Tomorrow, Day After Day, Name Of The Game 
Thanks, everybody, for all the great comments and enthusiasm about this Badfinger tribute project. The band is currently inactive but I'm looking for new musicians interested in doing this. Must be based out of Los Angeles.  2010/12/26 Howard Pattow 
Come and Get It 02
Come and Get It 03

Come and Get It 04

Come and Get It 05

Come and Get It 1