Phil Angotti / For Pete's Sake - songs of Pete Ham and Pete Townshend (The Hideout, Chicago, May 26, 2015) 
Phil Angotti - For Pete's Sake May 26 2015
   Pete Ham songs: Day After Day, Apple of My Eye, Know One Knows, Perfection, Dennis, No Matter What, Name of the Game, Take It All, Without You, Baby Blue
   Pete Townshend songs: So sad about us, Pure and easy, However much I booze, Let my love open the door, Slit skirts, Keep me turning, Blue red and grey, Pinball wizard, Behind blue eyes, Substitute, The seeker, Live ain't for keeping, Magic bus 
Phil Angotti has been writing, recording and performing music for over 30 years, has released 12 full length albums, has appeared on numerous compilation cd's,and besides fronting his own original band, he has been the lead singer/frontman for several tribute shows. Phil has recorded and performed with numerous famous Chicago musicians over the years - and is well known for his astounding repetoire and versatility. 
この日のライブは見つからないけど、この1週間前の同じ場所での Without You はあった(当日やったBadfingerはこの1曲だけ) 
Phil Angotti with Steve Dawson, Tommi Zender and Casey McDonough - Without You (The Hideout, Chicago, May 19, 2015)  

Phil Angotti - No Matter What のライブも2008年にネットで拾っていたけど、いつのものか詳細不明 
 Phil Angotti & Friends / Badfinger ''Straight Up'' (Oct 27, 2016) 

 Phil Angotti - Sweet Tuesday Morning (2020)