The Memories - Without You 

Guitars - Izak Arida, Unkle Funkle 
Bass - Izak Arida 
Drum programming - Jimmy Leslie 
Vocals - Rikky Gage 
A cover song version of "Without You" in the style of Badfinger and Harry Nilsson.
From "The Memories' Royal United Song Service" - out June 2017 on Burger Records LP. 
The Memories Without You
Limited edition cassingle by The Memories featuring 2 new cover songs; “Without You” (Badfinger / Harry Nilsson) and “Seasons In The Sun” (Terry Jacks) – only 20 made for the Gnar Tapes Gnight Live Episode 3 on the Gnar Tapes Gnetwork! 
The Memories cassette
 The Memories - Without You (June 30, 2017)