Authors: Kristinn Benediktsson, Stefán Halldórsson 
Öll mín bestu ár (2015) 
Ljósmyndir og frásagnir úr skemmtanalífinu 1966-1979 
Photographs: Kristinn Benediktsson 
Text: Stefán Halldórsson 
All My Best Years (2015) 
Photographs and narratives from the entertainment industry 1966-1979 
Öll mín bestu ár 2015
The entertainment industry in 1966-1979: Dance games, outdoor festivals, school events, fashion shows, performances, children's entertainment, music, beauty and talent competitions and other events around the country. 
Over 1,000 photographs of Kristín Benediktsson and detailed speech by Stefán Halldórsson about performers, visitors, places and moods. 
A few photos from, and a review of a show Badfinger did at Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik, Iceland on Saturday September 18, 1971. 
Öll mín bestu ár Badfinger
In the book Öll mín bestu ár, which will be released this fall (2015), Stefán Halldórsson and Kristinn Benediktsson tells about the entertainment of the young people in the years 1966 to 1979 in the case of the film. There were concerts, dance games, outdoor festivals, beauty contests, fashion shows or other entertainments and events for young people - there they were. Always at work. Stefán Halldórsson and Kristinn Benediktsson were submerged in the entertainment scene when they gathered at the Morgunbladid around the 1970s. Another captured the mood with the pen to the gun, the other stuck it on a film. They worked the most in the years 1968 to 1971; Stefán wrote about pop and Kristinn took the pictures. However, the collaboration continued for a few more years, but decreased, as both established a family, supplemented their studies, and began to perform other jobs and tasks. In the autumn (2015), Stefán plans to publish the results of their collaboration in the field of entertaining the young people in the picture book Öll mín bestu ár. The book adorns about one thousand chosen photographs of Kristinn with the text of Stefán on 200 pages, largely larger than A4. 
Stefán Halldórsson 
"We did not start until the fall of 2011, and then we put the lines on what pictures should be in the book, and Kristinn began to scan these films." 
In 2012, Kristinn died after a long battle with cancer, only 63 years of age. Stefán accepted his collection and continued to scan films from Kristinn's father. "I went through the museum in collaboration with Kristinn's daughter and the results can be found in this book," he says. 
Morgunblaðið Sep 12, 1971 Badfinger
1971年の Iceland の Newspaper から、Badfinger の記事をまとめてみた(Reykjavík 公演は Sep 18)。 
[Newspaper] Tíminn (September  12/17/18/19, 1971) 
[Newspaper] Vísir (Sep 10/15/17/18, 1971) 
[Newspaper] Morgunblaðið (Sep 12/16/17, 1971) 
[Newspaper] Þjóðviljinn (Sep 14/21,1971) 
[Newspaper] Vikan (Oct 21, 1971)