Ron Griffiths 
Hello friends of The Iveys . I am delighted to finally announce on the 50th anniversary of our supporting the legendary trio " Cream " gig that I am able to make available for you the long awaited live gig recorded by the late Bill Collins . It took place in Neath - South Wales on June 7th 1966 . After receiving a 'green light' to set up its purchase , a limited edition c.d. can be ordered at this link .

Cited on the CD as - Badfinger Origins : 'The Iveys ' ( in order to disassociate from the American band The Iveys - who have the U.S. trademark on the name ) . They will shipped out of U.S.A , as I can not accommodate the burden myself.

Here is the link to order:

If there are any queries / questions on this project please use ( That is a capital L between my first and last name ) . Hopefully, more in the pipeline - dependant on how this project is received .

I want to thank you all in advance for being so patient