Garden on a Trampoline - Without You 3:47 (2017) 

"I wanted to approach this Harry Nilsson cover with a delicate touch rather than replicate the original, particularly in terms of the symphonic emotional weight that Nilsson elegantly gave us in the second half. His voice gets really high, and I think I can reach the same octave, but part of me had this idea of turning the song into an homage to another favorite songwriter of mine: Sparklehorse. So I tried to make it far more subdued, though I've performed this song live note for note akin to Nilsson's take. Nilsson was one of my first heroes as a child, alongside The Beach Boys and The Beatles. My dad played him in heavy rotation and I adore his production, as well as his own take on cover songs. This one always brought a tear to my eye, and it was an honor to cover it." - Jim Laczkowski (Garden on a Trampoline)
Cover Me Turns Ten: A Free Covers Album (2017) 
Cover Me Turns 10
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2017/10/26 22. Without You 3:47 - Garden on a Trampoline 
Garden on a Trampoline / Nilsson Zevon [6-track EP] 
 Garden on a Trampoline - Without You 4:04 (2010) 
Garden on a Trampoline - Nilsson Zevon (2010)