EP   TK Records: TK-449 
Thailand EP TK-449 nmw cott
1. The Guess Who - Share the Land 

2. The Guess Who - Bus Rider 

Thailand EP TK-449 nmw cott back
 Thailand EP TK-449 nmw cott r2
3. Badfinger - No Matter What 

4. Badfinger - Carry On Till Tomorrow 

[EP/Thailand] TK-380/TK-449/TK-465/TK-683/TK-726/TKR-033 (Royalsound/TK Records) 
 [EP/Thailand] TK-380 Come and Get It 
 [EP/Thailand] TK-449 No Matter What/Carry On Till Tomorrow 
 [EP/Thailand] TK-465 No Matter What 
 [EP/Thailand] TK-683 Day After Day 
 [EP/Thailand] TK-726 Carry On Till Tomorrow 
 [EP/Thailand] TKR-033 Baby Blue